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Swenson’s Newbie

Posted by Lauren

Third Girls’ Night in a row! I’m on a roll…. Tonight Krizia picked me up in Mountain View and we carpooled up to San Francisco. After dropping off our stuff at her apartment, we walked over to Polk Street and decided to try out Marbella’s tapas…



Krish and I had So. Much. To. Catch. Up. On. Seriously. I loved every minute of our friend date :)




If I had my computer I’d look up what we ordered and share the deets with you, but I’m blogging from my iPhone! The ambiance was muy romántica and the food was delicioso! Give it a try if you’re in the area…

Believe it or not, there are still a few ice cream spots I have yet to try in a 70 mile radius from my house. Swenson’s Ice Cream is one of those places! This SF institution has been at Hyde & Union Street since 1948!!


After multiple research samples, Krish chose a scoop of Swiss Orange Chip and I picked a scoop of Sticky Peanut Butter. Despite the cooler SF air, the rich ice cream totally satisfied my sweet tooth!




I feel bad that Nicole is going through midterms (good luck!!) while I’m gallivanting around SF with these dudes:

girls gone wild SF edition?

Just kidding, they are strangers. And they are impersonators. I guess it is Halloween Eve?

Can’t wait until tomorrow’s parade!!


Question: When was your last Girl’s Night? What did you do? How frequently is it ‘just the girls’? Ideas, please!


WIAW 10/31: Boo Midterms

Posted by Nicole

Happy Tuesday Night and Happy (Almost) Halloween!

Unfortunately, I’m not able to go out with what feels like every single student at my university tonight because I have to study for a silly accounting midterm. When will professors learn to build the syllabus around our schedules?!

Oh well, just because my classes mess up my Halloween schedule, they don’t have to mess up the WIAW schedule. Head on over to Jenn’s blog to see more WIAW submissions :)

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats

I started my morning with a trip to the gym with my friend, Charlotte. She went on the elliptical while I ran, and then we pedaled away on the bikes for a bit.

For breakfast, I had two eggs and two egg whites with mushrooms and carrots.

For lunch, I made a big bowl of oat bran. While it was in the microwave, I had a some mixed greens with bleu cheese dressing– I’ve been trying to incorporate more veggies into my day. The oat bran was sweetened up with a banana and some chocolate chips, and then topped with vanilla almond milk. (Also, there were a few handfuls of chocolate chips on the side, yummm)

While taking notes for my astronomy class, I munched a crisp pear.

Before dance team practice, I had an english muffin with strawberry jam.

After dance practice, I made a quick dinner of two eggs and two egg whites (repetative, much?), some baby carrots, a Boca vegan burger, and a bit of bleu cheese (still loving this brand).

For “dessert,” I grabbed a pack of these Nature Valley granola bars as I headed out the door to an observation session for my astronomy class. We looked at a few stars, the Andromeda Galaxy, Mars, and the craters of the Moon. I wouldn’t suggest trying to stargaze in the middle of urban Los Angeles…

Because I was near the gym, I figured I would spend the first bit of my long night of studying for my accounting midterm on the treadmill. I did 30 minutes of walking on the ‘mill, and then a couple minutes of core work.

After that, it was time for a bit of study fuel.

I’ll probably have more snacks while studying, it’s gonna be a late night!

PS- I know that I worked out a lot today, but our dance costumes aren’t forgiving! They are tiiiiiiiiight.

- Nicole

Q4U: I’m going to ask the most obvious question… What did you dress up as / What are you going to dress up as for Halloween?

I still haven’t dressed up in a costume this year and I don’t even own one! I need to get with the holiday spirit.


Fondue for Four!

Posted by Lauren

First things first, thanks to the Giants’ Angel Pagan, everyone in America can get a free Doritos Locos Taco from Taco Bell today from 2-6 PM!!!!!

Trust me, they’re good.

* * *

After a lovely Monday at the office and quality strength workout at the gym, I headed into San Jose to meet up with a few of my sorority girlfriends – Megan (recently married), Kelley (crazy awesome news, but I can’t share on the internetz), and Katie (my running pal). We shared a bottle of Dona Sol while catching up….


…and Katie showed us her new place! She’s all grown up and actually bought it. Crazy! I’ll probably be a renter for a few more decades (or so it seems at this rate), but I am totally in love with all the remodeling she did…. check out the kitchen!


Eventually we carpooled to downtown San Jose’s San Pedro Square to eat dinner at Sonoma Chicken Coop (a local fast-casual chain).


I ordered the Lime Grilled Chickenboneless chicken breasts marinated with crushed limes, roasted chili powder and cilantro, char-grilled and served with herbed rice and green beans. This is probably my favorite entree I’ve tried at SCC – the rice was so creamy!


To share, we ordered what I thought would be mozzarella sticks, but I apparently didn’t read the menu. The White Hot Mozzarella appetizer was actually six garlic crostini topped with spicy melted mozzarella and basil pesto. MMM pesto!

I forced the girls to take a group picture as we left… Sadly, the restaurant was already closed, so asking a stranger to take it was out of the picture (heh heh). Front-facing camera to the rescue!


You would never guess that I was holding the camera, my leftovers, a computer, and a container of CD-ROMs, would you?

Before I forget…. the best part of our meal was dessert (no surprise there):


Dark Chocolate Fondue – A platter piled with strawberries, banana, oranges, pound cake, rice krispie treats, marshmallows, cookies and ice cream with a decadent chocolate sauce for dipping.

In the eyes of Instagram – ooh la la…


We called it a night and agreed to hangout soon…. I need to set up a run date with Katie ASAP! As I drove home, I realized that I am spoiled with my 5 minute, highway-free commute to and from work! After driving back and forth from San Jose three times in the past four days, I’m ready to give that town a break until Thanksgiving!

Question: Cheese fondue or chocolate fondue? Chocolate! The dippers are more delicious. If you could own a home anywhere in the US, where would it be? Tahoe!


Salute to Troy (VIDEO!!!)

Posted by Nicole

Yesterday (Sunday), I had the opportunity of dancing with the Trojan Dance Force at USC’s Salute to Troy.  This event was tailored toward USC basketball families, specifically the little kids.

We arrived nice and early to review the dance, finish hair/makeup, and stretch a bit.

Radio Disney was there doing hula-hoop contests, teaching dances to the kids, handing out prizes, and pumping up the crowd.  There were arcade games, popcorn/churros, stations to get wax hands, and a green-screen photo area.

After about an hour of mingling and taking pictures with fans, we headed onto the court for the Women’s Basketball Team scrimmage.

When the scrimmage ended, we took the floor and did our routine to “This Is How We Do It”.

TDF Salute to Troy from Nicole Olerich on Vimeo.

The photographer, Pierson Clair, snapped some great photos at the event (all the fancy photos in this post are from him).

After our performance, the Men’s Basketball Team had their scrimmage. We sat on the court and I luckily didn’t get smacked by any basketballs.

It was such a fun day with the team… I love performing, it really makes all the practice worth it!

Season stars November 9th at 8 PM and I CAN’T WAIT!

– Nicole

Q4U: Which sport is your favorite to watch?

I’d say hockey, and I’m bummed that the NHL is on lockdown :(

I’m going to get used to watching basketball though- considering I’ll be cheering at about 30 basketball games throughout the next few months!