Mon-Wed and a Jam

Posted by Nicole

So far this week I’ve focused on three main things: staying on top of school work and midterms, fitting in my workouts, and preparing awesome gifts for my future little! (Sorry for sounding like a total sorority girl here, I’m pretty excited and can’t help it.)


My Monday morning workout didn’t happen because I stayed up too late on Sunday night. The scene:

It was a party ;) I got lots of studying done and a little bit of tv watching too. Regardless of Monday’s skipped workout, I still had a great day at school, rocked my accounting midterm (at least I hope so), and went to dance practice. At practice, we focused on arm stamina (pom poms!) and sideline cheers; for some reason those cheers are so difficult to remember!


I stayed up till 3 AM on Monday night studying for my astronomy midterm, but managed to kick off Tuesday with a little “wake up, Nicole!!!” workout.

You think I would learn my lesson about running past 9 AM… It was scorching! After a warmup, a 1.6 mile jog, and a cool down, I was ready to hop in a cold shower. I know, I wasn’t impressed either.

What do you wear when it is 80+ degrees during October?
Summer style: tank and shorts
Fall style: orange/black clothes and boots
I guess it worked, and sorry for the selfie… just trying to be more like my older sis ;)

The eggs-for-breakfast tradition took a little hiatus, and I had the good ol’ banana/oat bran/greek yogurt combo.

I unfortunately had to skip dance practice because my astronomy midterm was scheduled for 5 PM, but I managed to include a quality nighttime workout at the university fitness center.

10 minutes on the elliptical while waiting for an open treadmill, and then 60 minutes on the ‘mill. Again, I did a warmup and cool down, and managed to squeeze in 3.4 miles…. So a total of 5 running miles for the day (and 7.2 miles total!). Not too shabby for a Tuesday night.


Today I have 6 hours of class, then I need to learn the choreography that I missed from yesterday’s practice, and then I need to get some costumes for tomorrow night. Before the hectic day, I stopped by the sorority house for breakfast- I brought back an old fave- Special K, cottage cheese, and fresh BERRIES.

How’s that for a quality photo? ^

I can’t wait to show photos from big/lil week once all the surprises are revealed!

Alrighty, that’s all for today… I’ll leave you with a favorite workout jam…

Hyper Crush “Keep Up – Tony Arzadon Remix” 

– N

Q4U: Favorite workout jam as of late?

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