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Today, after getting a few inches (!!!) cut off my hair, I took the train up to San Francisco. I walked about a mile and half to get to the Nike Women’s Marathon expo in Union Square. I remembering going to this expo back in 2006 when my mom ran the race with Team in Training. This year’s expo seemed to be a lot more hectic. The line of participants circled around Union Square Park, not to mention the line was about 5 people wide!

20121013 202450 Nike Womens Expo

It was kind of a mess, but I guess that’s expected considering there are 25,000 participants. Still, this was the third day of the expo and you think things would have been a bit more relaxed.  I guess not! Eventually, I made it into the expo hall and received my race number.

20121013 202410 Nike Womens Expo

There weren’t many “freebies” in the expo and there were lines everywhere. Needless to say, I was alone, didn’t feel like waiting in lines, and left after about 5 minutes.

20121013 202422 Nike Womens Expo

Hopefully the race corral organization tomorrow morning goes smoothly! It looks like they have it planned, but you know how people can be with their corral position… in the incorrect pace area and then causing a traffic jam. The corrals are designated by wristband, so hopefully no cheaters go to the wrong section!

20121013 202443 Nike Womens Expo

I couldn’t leave Union Square without a quick visit to Levi’s. My mom, Lauren, and I always pop into Levi’s when we stay in Union Square during Christmas because there are some killer deals! I walked away with these patterned skinnies for $12 (down from $98), a pair of green legging jeans for $24, and a pair of red legging jeans for $24. Double clearance woooo.

20121013 202432 Nike Womens Expo

After that, I carried my bags and walked a couple miles to my cousin’s house. The SF weather was gorgeous today and I saw some awesome views along the way.

20121013 202458 Nike Womens Expo

I guess the hike up Lombard Street counted as a pre-half marathon warm-up?

20121013 202504 Nike Womens Expo

20121013 202527 Nike Womens Expo

I got to my cousin’s house at 7, just as he and his girlfriend were eating chicken lasagna for their pre-movie dinner. When they left, I snacked on a Luna Fiber bar from the expo and later walked down to Fisherman’s Wharf for some Chipotle. PS- the Luna bar was so so so good and I will definitely be buying it. So I guess their marketing tactic worked…

20121013 202836 Nike Womens Expo

20121013 202845 Nike Womens Expo

Hopefully that sits well for tomorrow! (I’m actually really worried about this haha)

Wellllll, here’s to another half for the books.

- N


2 Responses to Nike Women’s Expo

  1. Anna says:

    You would think they could get these expos done with without too many queues and waiting around. But then 25,000 is a large number. San Francisco is a beautiful city though, it makes sense that they all want to run there ;)
    Anna recently posted..Ready for Cold DaysMy Profile

  2. Heather says:

    Hi – I live in SF and just ran the Nike Half today! Hope you had a good race.
    Heather recently posted..Getting Ready…My Profile

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