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Time for some catch-up!

Last Sunday, I decided to walk to the new Downtown Target two miles from my apartment. Just an FYI… never walk to Target because you will buy more than you expect to and have to carry it all back. Next time, I will drive!

IMG 6063 The Week in Review

After a sweaty walk back from Target, I went to Delta Gamma Presents. This is when each girl from the new pledge classes dresses up in a fancy white dress and is formally “presented” to all of the parents. The active members that went wore black… see if you can find me.

308041 10151215315754539 1208682911 n The Week in Review

I met my little sis’s parents, uncle, and grandparents- they are from the Bay Area and chatting with them felt like a familiar sense of home. As a congratulations for presents, I baked some classic sugar cookies for my little, and gave them to her as a Monday Night Dinner delivery.

IMG 6058 The Week in Review

Midterms just will.not.stop. And when all focus fails, I take the studying to the treadmill. Random photo of my favorite snack just for kicks. (Lauren, you have to try these bars, they taste just like PB&J!)

IMG 6061 The Week in Review

Breakfasts are always my favorite meal of the day. 2 eggs, english muffin with jam — 1 egg, egg whites and kale, english muffin with jam — oatmeal with greek yogurt, PB, and jelly… yum.

IMG 6057 The Week in Review

On Wednesday night, after listening to the founder of Erin Condren Designs speak at DG, Charlotte and I went to the gym. Yes, I actually convinced a friend to work out with me… and RUN! Unfortunately, Char had to go to a meeting after about 15 minutes at the gym, but I stuck around and managed to run 4 miles.

IMG 6060 The Week in Review

At dance practice yesterday, we got some more gear just in time for the start of basketball season. We got our warmup sweatsuits, jazz pants, jazz shoes, performance tops, a pair of white Nike Frees (the cheer version, they are shiny!), and our beloved backpacks. I’ve been so excited about getting this beauty:

IMG 6019 The Week in Review

I celebrated the start of the weekend with a great night out with sorority and dance team friends. There’s just something great about dressing up in costume, dancing with best friends, and taking silly pictures.

IMG 6062 The Week in Review

The pictures with the Giants bobblehead and the Giants hat were necessary considering they won GAME 2 of the World Series!

IMG 6059 The Week in Review

This afternoon, I put on some shorts and a tank (it was 85 degrees!) and went to play in the snow. Pi Kapp’s philanthropy, “Winter Wars,” involved snowball fights between each of the sororities. Playing in the fake snow is a lot more fun when it is hot outside. And there was a live penguin!

IMG 6070 The Week in Review

It’s been a great week, and here is to a great weekend! Hopefully I’ll get a long run in…

- N


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  1. Having a Target so close could definitely be a blessing and a curse! I think I would probably go broke with all my unnecessary purchases there. It looks like all your sorority event have been a blast, and snow in hot weather sounds like the best of both worlds :)
    theresa @ aspoonfulofsunshine recently posted..Oh Happy DayMy Profile

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