Fondue for Four!

Posted by Lauren

First things first, thanks to the Giants’ Angel Pagan, everyone in America can get a free Doritos Locos Taco from Taco Bell today from 2-6 PM!!!!!

Trust me, they’re good.

* * *

After a lovely Monday at the office and quality strength workout at the gym, I headed into San Jose to meet up with a few of my sorority girlfriends – Megan (recently married), Kelley (crazy awesome news, but I can’t share on the internetz), and Katie (my running pal). We shared a bottle of Dona Sol while catching up….


…and Katie showed us her new place! She’s all grown up and actually bought it. Crazy! I’ll probably be a renter for a few more decades (or so it seems at this rate), but I am totally in love with all the remodeling she did…. check out the kitchen!


Eventually we carpooled to downtown San Jose’s San Pedro Square to eat dinner at Sonoma Chicken Coop (a local fast-casual chain).


I ordered the Lime Grilled Chickenboneless chicken breasts marinated with crushed limes, roasted chili powder and cilantro, char-grilled and served with herbed rice and green beans. This is probably my favorite entree I’ve tried at SCC – the rice was so creamy!


To share, we ordered what I thought would be mozzarella sticks, but I apparently didn’t read the menu. The White Hot Mozzarella appetizer was actually six garlic crostini topped with spicy melted mozzarella and basil pesto. MMM pesto!

I forced the girls to take a group picture as we left… Sadly, the restaurant was already closed, so asking a stranger to take it was out of the picture (heh heh). Front-facing camera to the rescue!


You would never guess that I was holding the camera, my leftovers, a computer, and a container of CD-ROMs, would you?

Before I forget…. the best part of our meal was dessert (no surprise there):


Dark Chocolate Fondue – A platter piled with strawberries, banana, oranges, pound cake, rice krispie treats, marshmallows, cookies and ice cream with a decadent chocolate sauce for dipping.

In the eyes of Instagram – ooh la la…


We called it a night and agreed to hangout soon…. I need to set up a run date with Katie ASAP! As I drove home, I realized that I am spoiled with my 5 minute, highway-free commute to and from work! After driving back and forth from San Jose three times in the past four days, I’m ready to give that town a break until Thanksgiving!

Question: Cheese fondue or chocolate fondue? Chocolate! The dippers are more delicious. If you could own a home anywhere in the US, where would it be? Tahoe!


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  1. Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers

    HOORAY FREE DORITO LOCOS TACO!! I can’t say I actually plan on cashing in on that deal…. but mostly because everywhere around me is still closed. Dammit, Sandy.

    I think that I’d go with cheese fondue, but only because I’d choose melted cheese almost over anything. The dippers definitely win on the chocolate front, but the dip itself…. cheese me, baby.
    Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers recently posted..Confections and Cocktails at Williams-SonomaMy Profile

  2. Sugar Coated Sisters (Post author)

    I’m glad you found a dish at Sonoma Chicken Coop that you actually like! And the crostini/pesto/mozz magic has my mouth watering poor-college-student style. And I vote def chocolate fondue… preferably white chocolate or choc/PB flavor (with a big glass of water on the side)!
    – Nicole


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