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Third Girls’ Night in a row! I’m on a roll…. Tonight Krizia picked me up in Mountain View and we carpooled up to San Francisco. After dropping off our stuff at her apartment, we walked over to Polk Street and decided to try out Marbella’s tapas…

20121030 232416 Swensons Newbie

20121030 232437 Swensons Newbie

Krish and I had So. Much. To. Catch. Up. On. Seriously. I loved every minute of our friend date :)

20121030 232452 Swensons Newbie

20121030 232510 Swensons Newbie

20121030 232520 Swensons Newbie

If I had my computer I’d look up what we ordered and share the deets with you, but I’m blogging from my iPhone! The ambiance was muy romántica and the food was delicioso! Give it a try if you’re in the area…

Believe it or not, there are still a few ice cream spots I have yet to try in a 70 mile radius from my house. Swenson’s Ice Cream is one of those places! This SF institution has been at Hyde & Union Street since 1948!!

20121030 232537 Swensons Newbie

After multiple research samples, Krish chose a scoop of Swiss Orange Chip and I picked a scoop of Sticky Peanut Butter. Despite the cooler SF air, the rich ice cream totally satisfied my sweet tooth!

20121030 232558 Swensons Newbie

20121030 232608 Swensons Newbie

20121030 232617 Swensons Newbie

I feel bad that Nicole is going through midterms (good luck!!) while I’m gallivanting around SF with these dudes:

20121031 000053 Swensons Newbie
girls gone wild SF edition?

Just kidding, they are strangers. And they are impersonators. I guess it is Halloween Eve?

Can’t wait until tomorrow’s parade!!

20121031 000348 Swensons Newbie

Question: When was your last Girl’s Night? What did you do? How frequently is it ‘just the girls’? Ideas, please!



2 Responses to Swenson’s Newbie

  1. Last girls’ night… I can’t even remember!! I think maybe it was in Denver, it was MOSTLY just us girls. Though there were more guys in Denver than you could shake a stick at….

    HOPEFULLY tonight, after class until 8, I can dress up a la Ewok and shake out this Sandy storm which has cooped me up indoors for the past TWO DAYS! blech.
    Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers recently posted..Confections and Cocktails at Williams-SonomaMy Profile

  2. I had a girls dinner last night too!! I’ve never been to Marbella but I LOVE Tapas places so I’ll def have to go check it out! And I haven’t been to Swensons either but sadly I think it’s off limits for me because of the dairy- your flavor looks fantastic though! I love doing Girl’s nights- we do book clubs, movies, dinners, happy hours, random events in the city!
    Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola recently posted..Happy HalloweenMy Profile

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