Daily Archive: November 1, 2012

Giants Parade!!

Posted by Lauren

How I spent Halloween in 200* words or less:


Walked from Krizia’s apartment to my coworker’s apartment; saw a toilet full of candy.

Passed a flower shop that was about to toss all these beautiful roses; saved them from the trash!


Went with coworkers to Civic Center for the Giants Parade!!!!


Found a new spot on Market Street with a better view!


Bruce Bochy and the trophy… it looks like a white orb in the photo?


And then everrrrybody cruised by……..


In case you missed this photo on Instagram, here’s a close-up of Brandon Crawford… MMM


Sergio Romo (our closer this season) decided to take the parade on foot…


And Brian Wilson (our closer of previous seasons) took the parade by cable car. He looks like a smurf with his teal sweater and huge black beard.


Two more close-ups:

1. The adorable Buster Posey and his family…


2. MVP Pablo Sandoval with his trophy! (He was the last to pass by)


Orange, Black, Giants, Halloween – perfect!


Enjoyed a swordfish and braised cherry tomato lunch with my work team at 54 Mint (16 Mint Plaza, San Francisco).

20121101-183547.jpg Visited Krizia one more time before leaving the city; played around in the Halloween photo booth!


Somehow (despite the riot-size crowds?!!??) I managed to snag a seat on Caltrain. I immediately fell asleep and woke up just in time to get off the train in Palo Alto.

Kyle and I had a quick dinner at Slider Bar (324 University Avenue, Palo Alto).


We split a basket of sweet potato fries and five sliders. Look at all the peppers on the 3 Alarm slider – habanero pepper jam, serrano chilies, and pickled jalapeños!

Unpictured: X Factor, Toddlers & Tiaras, cookie dough. What a night!

Question: How did you spend your Halloween? Hope everyone stayed safe, especially you, Nicole!


*I didn’t count the # of words, fyi