Daily Archive: November 2, 2012

When All Else Fails…

Posted by Nicole

…Wear a flag!

I didn’t really have a Halloween costume, so I just used my resources and threw an outfit together. An American flag, a patriotic hat, some red and white striped thigh-highs, and some blue and white Keds… done!

I went with Charlotte and Lindsey to our friend’s house for a Halloween party and I was so impressed – the guys had decorations on the porch and in every single room!

At one point, Linds and I switched hats and I became “border patrol.”

Last night, after a dance team video filming (we danced to Gangnam Style for a video that will be featured at the USC vs. UCLA pep rally) and long practice, we had a team Halloween celebration. Good friends, good snacks, and good outfits.

I busted out my purple Nike Dunks, sweatpants, and hoop earrings… and completed my outfit with a hair poof, winged eyeliner, and dark lipstick. I guess you could say I was a ghetto-er version of myself.

It was a good Halloween! Hope you enjoyed yours as well.

– Nicole