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The Past Six Weeks

Posted by Lauren

It’s about 7 pm and I just sat down in a comfy chair at work to start writing this post. Since I made a LOT of the quinoa fried rice on Sunday and keep it all at work for lunches, I figured why not stay here after everyone leaves to eat dinner? Plus, I like the peace and quiet sometimes.


This was a big portion – quinoa, chicken, egg, carrots, peas, corn, brussels sprouts, pumpkin and tofu! Delicious.

Early this week, a marketing team in a different business unit invited me and a few others to join them during lunch today to brainstorm viral marketing ideas for a new product. When I arrived, their team was assembling lunch, and it was all handmade by their manager! Apparently she caters? I love learning about coworkers’ passions outside the office. You play tennis? You go to acting classes? You have a horse?


Her sandwiches included homemade bread, pulled chicken, prosciutto, and sundried tomatoes. My favorite part of lunch was dessert (duh) – the chocolate chip cookie bars were perfectly sweet and chewy. I might need that recipe.

One of the topics that came up in our brainstorm involved Instagram. Have you all noticed the increase in Instagram related giveaways? Post a photo and @-mention a brand to get a free flight, free shoes, free whatever?? Well that got me thinking about who I follow on Instagram:

  • majority are my IRL friends (but definitely not all my fb friends)
  • a few of my favorite bloggers
  • Twaggies, Women’s Health Mag, and San Jose Sharks
  • the cast of Pretty Little Liars (don’t ask)
  • two tumblr-like Insties.… I’ll explain:

First, Puppy Palace


Cindy told Sarah and me about this gem on Monday night. ADORABLE PUPPY PICTURES. Go follow, please.

Second, Braids for Girls


It is not like I can physically replicate any of these braid masterpieces, but I love looking at them! The Instie account inspired today’s lazy, side french braid.


Alright, so………


I have been pretty bad about including details of my 12-week fitness plan on the blog. I’m already half way through Week 6! I love how Nicole does her weekly recap, but I personally need to write about it as soon as it happens or I will forget. That might make it harder for someone to follow along or more annoying to read about, so sorry. I also enjoy writing about what specifically made the workout easy and difficult. If I let 5 days go by before writing anything, it’s impossible to remember how I felt and 50% of this “getting faster” game is mental.

That being said, I have another confession. I like to run. You know this already, but the flip side is that everything else on my 12-week plan gets ignored. Like “you’re wearing sweatpants… that’s against the rules, and you can’t sit with us” ignored.

  • Ballet? Not in weeks.
  • Riding my bike to work? Nope!
  • Strength training? Rarely do and with little effort.
  • Eat healthy? Um ya, not really.
  • Get quality sleep? Definitely not.

But, running? I’ve got that down. :)

I will make the following changes and report back sometime during Week 8, 10, and 12:

  • Ballet? Reduce from trying 2/week to 1/week. Hopefully that will entice me to go. Once my 16-class pass is up, find a tap dance class or a deal for pilates.
  • Riding my bike to work? Reduce from trying 3/week to 1/week. Replace the other 2x with 15 mins of stationary bicycle.
  • Strength training? MAN UP. Make these a priority! No running until strength is complete!
  • Eat healthy? Jury is still out on this one. I’ll brainstorm with my nutritionist, Nicole, this weekend ;)
  • Get quality sleep? Hulu is the culprit, not me, I swear. Unplug at 11:30 PM on weeknights. If that gets in the way of blogging or the latest episode of Gossip Girl, so be it.


Ok, let me get caught up on documenting my workouts from the past THIRTEEN DAYS:

Friday 10/26 (Night at Nat’s): Bike to work, Tina’s strength workout 4C, 3 mile run (in 24:19)

Saturday 10/27 (Katie’s 11th birthday): rest day?

Sunday 10/28 (World Series WIN!): 1.5 1 hour long run. Didn’t have it in me to do the full 90 minutes OR run the last 25% at race pace like I had planned. Also, Tina’s strength workout 5A.

Monday 10/29 (AOII girls’ night): Bike to work, Tina’s strength workout 5B, 30 minutes treadmill incline hiking

Tuesday 10/30 (dinner date with Krizia in SF): Ballet, Core Workout, 5 mile recovery run

Wednesday 10/31 – NOTHING. San Francisco Giant’s Parade!!!

Thursday 11/1: Ballet, Wednesday’s treadmill track intervals (5×1000) – covered 5.25 miles total

Friday 11/2: Bike to work, Tina’s strength workout 5C, Thursday’s tempo run

Saturday (Matt & Miranda’s Wedding): Tina’s strength workout 6A, Friday’s 3 mile run

Sunday 11/4 (Santa Rosa day): 14 mile long run!

Monday 11/5 (Dinner with Cindy): Bike to work, half of Tina’s strength workout 6B, 40 minute treadmill incline hiking

Tuesday 11/6: Ballet, 6 mile recovery run (8:34 minute miles), Core Workout


Wednesday 11/7: treadmill track intervals: 1 mile warm up, 6×600 (sprint at 8.4 for 0.37 miles, fast jog at 7.2 for 0.13, repeat 6x), 0.5 mile walking cool down. 15 minutes stationary bike.

I had to do some investigative work to remember all of that…. no more slacking!

Question: Do you follow a training plan? Why or why not?
What/Who is the most random thing/person you follow on Instagram?