Daily Archive: November 14, 2012

Something New…

Posted by Lauren

I only have four updates for you on this wacky Wednesday:

  1. Check out the About page. There’s something new and shiny on it!

  2. Work team had a dim sum lunch at Fu Lam Mum in downtown Mountain View to uncelebrate my manager’s departure. He’s off to a better opportunity and we’re sad to see him go…

  3. Fitness update post Malibu Half Marathon, see below!

Week 7 – Wednesday (my 12-week workout plan)

Scheduled: track intervals… and lots of other stuff to catch up on?

Completed: I know I just wrote about keeping tabs on my 12-week plan, but the truth is that after Sunday’s race I needed proper rest. From Saturday until today, I missed 2 strength workouts, 1 hill hike, 1 core workout, and 1 track workout. I finally made it to the gym today for a much needed 5 mile run and 30 minutes of mindless pedaling on the stationary bike.

Sweet Spot: I ran with zero aches! I’ll take that to mean I am properly rested up for the rest of the week and continue with workouts as scheduled. I don’t want to miss the track or tempo runs (usually Wed/Thurs) but according to my self-imposed rule I need to first finish the 2 missed strength workouts first.

Sticky Spot: It is hard to stick to a plan while traveling with limited access to a gym, weights, etc. How does someone balance an out-of-town weekend, recovering from a race, and staying honest with a fitness schedule? Blah. Does it matter?

Life is crazy right now. In so many ways. More than ever it felt great just to go from:

And I’m going to keep doing that so I stay sane.

4. I also watched WALL-E tonight! My coworker “lent” me some “DVDs” so I could cross off a few movies from my list of Disney flicks I’ve never seen… LOVED IT!

Question: Normal Wednesday? Abnormal? Tell us about your day!