Daily Archive: November 15, 2012

Not James Van Der Beek

Posted by Lauren

Just a few hours and the weekend begins!! I cant wait.

Did anyone catch the newest episode of Don’t Trust The B in Apt. 23? The one where James Van Der Beek almost gets on the cover of People Magazine for Sexiest Man Alive?


That show is hilarious. Between the B in 23, Mindy Project, and New Girls, I got a lot of laughs out tonight!

Week 7 – Thursday (my 12-week workout plan)

Scheduled: makeup Saturday and Monday’s missed workouts


Completed: Tina’s strength workouts 7A and 7B, 50 mins treadmill incline walking.


Sweet Spot: 7B was totally my speed. Tina’s plan had us work through 5 moves, tackling one at a time pyramid style (high reps low weight, to low reps high weight, and back) before moving on to the next one.


Sticky Spot: 7A is described as a 3-2-1 circuit workout… aka 3 compound strength moves, 2 cardio/power moves, and 1 core move. I only did 3 of the 4 circuits because I got bored with them. Super bored!

Random picture of lunch salad just so I can point out that my boyfriend and I met for lunch at Rogers’s deli:


Aaaaaaand…… The real winner of Sexiest Man Alive is just as good as James IMO.


What do you think of Channing?