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Just a few hours and the weekend begins!! I cant wait.

Did anyone catch the newest episode of Don’t Trust The B in Apt. 23? The one where James Van Der Beek almost gets on the cover of People Magazine for Sexiest Man Alive?

20121115 231345 Not James Van Der Beek

That show is hilarious. Between the B in 23, Mindy Project, and New Girls, I got a lot of laughs out tonight!

Week 7 – Thursday (my 12-week workout plan)

Scheduled: makeup Saturday and Monday’s missed workouts

20121115 225638 Not James Van Der Beek

Completed: Tina’s strength workouts 7A and 7B, 50 mins treadmill incline walking.

20121115 225410 Not James Van Der Beek

Sweet Spot: 7B was totally my speed. Tina’s plan had us work through 5 moves, tackling one at a time pyramid style (high reps low weight, to low reps high weight, and back) before moving on to the next one.

20121115 225423 Not James Van Der Beek

Sticky Spot: 7A is described as a 3-2-1 circuit workout… aka 3 compound strength moves, 2 cardio/power moves, and 1 core move. I only did 3 of the 4 circuits because I got bored with them. Super bored!

Random picture of lunch salad just so I can point out that my boyfriend and I met for lunch at Rogers’s deli:

20121115 2256491 Not James Van Der Beek

Aaaaaaand…… The real winner of Sexiest Man Alive is just as good as James IMO.

20121116 000106 Not James Van Der Beek

What do you think of Channing?



2 Responses to Not James Van Der Beek

  1. I’ve never seen the B in Apt 23 but I love the Mindy Project… she’s so funny and I love her constant references to how her life should be more like a romantic comedy! She feels so real too! I like Channing but am not a huge fan- I think he’s cute but he’s know Ryan Gosling!
    Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola recently posted..A Gluten and Dairy-Free ThanksgivingMy Profile

    • Sugar Coated Sisters says:

      I’m surprised B in Apt 23 is still running, but I’m happy it is! James and Krysten Ritter are hilarious…. not as good as Mindy Project though!

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