Daily Archive: November 17, 2012

So Much Streaming

Posted by Nicole

After doing my astronomy homework, which oddly enough involved black holes, I felt like the rest of Friday was sucked into the Netflix-Hulu-TV black hole.

I started by clearing some shows out of my Hulu queue: The Mindy Project, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, Parks and Recreation, Up All Night, 30 Rock… I’ll stop now because I’m embarrassing myself.

Anywho, then I moved on to Netflix and streamed The Rebound.  Okay, I’m a big fan of romantic comedies, and this one was a winner, though it was much more drama than comedy.

Indeed, Catherine Zeta-Jones… you are fine. And by fine, I mean gorgeous. She played a 40 year-old divorced mother-of-two and totally rocked her role as a cougar.

Her love interest in the movie, Justin Bartha, wasn’t too bad on the eyes either.

After all the sappiness, I browsed Netflix for something more light-hearted. Considering I was staying in for the night and not getting wild with friends (too much of that the past two days), I lived vicariously through these ladies in The Sweetest Thing.

I watched this movie as a kid, but never really understood all the risqué references. Totally different vibe watching it now!

So wise, Christina.

Then it was back to Hulu. I’m an equal opportunity TV streamer and I had a few episodes of New Girl to catch up on.

Please tell me that scene made you laugh.

And to finish it off, I watched two recent episodes of Modern Family. Talk about a delightfully unproductive Friday.

Ahh, Thanksgiving Break is so close I can almost feel it.

That’s all I have for today.

Happy weekend!

– Nicole