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After doing my astronomy homework, which oddly enough involved black holes, I felt like the rest of Friday was sucked into the Netflix-Hulu-TV black hole.

I started by clearing some shows out of my Hulu queue: The Mindy Project, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, Parks and Recreation, Up All Night, 30 Rock… I’ll stop now because I’m embarrassing myself.

swansondontcare So Much Streaming

Anywho, then I moved on to Netflix and streamed The Rebound.  Okay, I’m a big fan of romantic comedies, and this one was a winner, though it was much more drama than comedy.

tumblr maityepb281qiahq6o1 500 450x172 So Much Streaming

Indeed, Catherine Zeta-Jones… you are fine. And by fine, I mean gorgeous. She played a 40 year-old divorced mother-of-two and totally rocked her role as a cougar.

Her love interest in the movie, Justin Bartha, wasn’t too bad on the eyes either.

tumblr lfh7gakLlH1qcn04no1 500 450x187 So Much Streaming

 So Much Streaming

After all the sappiness, I browsed Netflix for something more light-hearted. Considering I was staying in for the night and not getting wild with friends (too much of that the past two days), I lived vicariously through these ladies in The Sweetest Thing.

tumblr m7rnq8zHhd1qcurgyo1 250 So Much Streaming

I watched this movie as a kid, but never really understood all the risqué references. Totally different vibe watching it now!

8397878 450x250 So Much Streaming

So wise, Christina.

Then it was back to Hulu. I’m an equal opportunity TV streamer and I had a few episodes of New Girl to catch up on.

tumblr mdjtr1HTsn1qaqsz7 450x252 So Much Streaming

Please tell me that scene made you laugh.

And to finish it off, I watched two recent episodes of Modern Family. Talk about a delightfully unproductive Friday.

Ahh, Thanksgiving Break is so close I can almost feel it.

tumblr mbs74mgbLl1qaonh9o1 500 450x252 So Much Streaming

That’s all I have for today.

tumblr mdlynzrJu01qgjeodo1 500 450x171 So Much Streaming

Happy weekend!

- Nicole


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  1. I love that you love tv as much as I do! I finally was able to catch up on my DVR this weekend too and it was glorious. Um, the one show you are missing though is Scandal- it’s AMAZING! Somehow I’ve never even heard of that movie but it sounds like one I would like! I’ll add it to my list!
    Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola recently posted..Let’s Do SomethingMy Profile

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