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Bevmo Holiday Beerfest, SF

Posted By Lauren

On Saturday I made my way to San Francisco for the Bevmo Holiday Beerfest. A few of my college friends got together for a day of good beers, good fun, and reindeer sweaters. Before the 5:30 PM beer festival, we assembled on Krish’s roof to sip mimosas, make pretzel necklaces, and play bean bag toss. The usual.


before the light drizzle


string those pretzels!


prepare for a lot of photos of friends, less content

All but Krish and myself stayed at a hotel down the street. We stopped there for a mini photo shoot – and so Clay/Tyler/Aubree could grab their festive sweaters!


Kevin (roommate), Me, Clay, Tyler


Kevin, out. Krish, in.


Add Aubree and Sean in…


Solo shot of my roommate!

Then we walked to Fort Mason for the beer festival!

  • 200+ brews
  • 100+ breweries
  • holiday, seasonal, and special beers
  • live band!





group shot #77

I sampled quite a few brews, but only snapped photos of the ones I wanted to mention on the blog. Ass Kisser Ales won me over with their catchy name and localness – they hail from San Jose! I love their story (via website):

Mission: “In every bottle we put our effort and desire to provide high quality ales that have flavor, style and depth while providing a fun and share worthy experience.” … We strive to have uncompromising professionalism and respect for the craft. Our process adheres to the Reinheistsgbot. This obviously German word translates as “Purity Order.” By following this order, we use only four basic ingredients in our brewing process: water, malt (malted barley and malted wheat), hops and yeast in our traditional style craft ales.



Ass Kisser Ales – new San Jose brewery!

I also had the pleasure of sampling the “farm to table” Honey Saison from Almanac Beer. Almanac is basically the creme de la creme of California craft beers (or at least that’s what I think). Their honey saison is described on their website as a “beer for all seasons”:

Brewed with Bay Area honey from Marshall Farms, wheat, California two-row barley, French oak and fresh, local ginger root for a hint of spice. Balanced with earthy Mount Hood and Saaz hops, this is a refreshing brew enjoyed best with your favorite seasonal fare.



holy grail status – Almanac Beer!


heavy hitters – Lagunitas and Anchor Brewing – next door to each other


Red Branch Cider Co – not a fan


folky, rocky, fun!




…i mean how can you NOT love them?

Can’t wait for the next opportunity to wear my Christmas vest and/or go to a beer festival with these folks, whichever comes first!



Posted by Nicole

Compared to my lazy tv/movie Friday, Saturday was a much more productive day. I woke up and started two loads of laundry. I ate breakfast while warming up my computer for the busy day ahead.

I typed and typed and typed, eventually finishing my 10 page paper for my Chinese history class. It’s due on Tuesday, but it feels good to have it completed.

Continuing my productive streak, I organized random stuff and actually dusted. My room sure needed it.

And then it was gym time. I wore my favorite running shirt, my “official” running shoes- at least more so than the Nike Frees, and my favorite race-day headband. I ran 4 miles and actually forced myself to work a little bit on speed. I don’t know why I always cut myself off and never go above 6.6 mph; mental note to myself that I did and can run at 7+!!! I need to stop slacking.

  • Then I did 10 minutes of abs (crunches, normal and side planks, oblique dips with 25# plate, russian twists with medicine ball)
  • Some arms (25 pushups- don’t be too impressed, 50 tricep dips, and some random 5# arm exercises- getting strong for my pom poms)
  • And finished with 35 mins on the bike

I walked back to my apartment in the drizzling rain, showered, put on warm clothes, and ended the night with friends and a bonfire. Such a good Saturday!

Thanksgiving Countdown: 4 days!

– Nicole