Daily Archive: November 21, 2012

Almost There

Posted by Nicole

Today was my final day in LA before heading back to San Jose. Though I didn’t have classes, I did spend some time on campus.

….. at the health center and then at the pharmacy. I’ve been having pretty bad come-and-go congestion and coughing fits at night. I finally decided to go to the health center and get checked out. A test on my lungs showed that I wasn’t breathing normally (from congestion) and there was pressure in my ears.

I started antibiotics today, and also got an inhaler and some cough suppressants. I enjoyed the meds with a side of breakfast.

Lunch was nice and healthy… trying to kick the sickness through vitamin overload. 2 eggs and some whites, veggies, nooch, a bit of ranch.

Before heading to dance at the women’s basketball game, I enjoyed some dessert.

Then it was dancing time! While the women’s basketball team and the opponents from Arkansas State University warmed up, we did the dancer thang and took a billion pictures.

In our new warmup jackets- complete with embroidered names. Love these!

By the Trojan logo, because one can never have too many obnoxious fan photos:

And with a basketball net, because this is all dancers know what to do when it comes to basketball:

Our team won 72-58. Let’s hope SC continues the winning streak and our football team beats Notre Dame this Saturday… this is wishful thinking though considering recent games.

The next 12 hours will be awesome:

  • packing (still haven’t started)
  • sleeping a little bit
  • waking up at 3:30 AM
  • driving to LAX
  • flying to San Jose at 6 AM
  • arriving at 7:15
  • running the Turkey Trot at 7:50
  • starting to cook at 10!
  • and then I can officially dive headfirst into delicious, homemade comfort food

I’ll leave you with a picture of last year’s delicious stuffing…


Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

– Nicole

5 Days, 5 Nuggets

Posted by Lauren

Before I get to the 5 random nuggets, I’m going to dump 5 days of workouts on this post. You’ll see that, as of Tuesday, I’m finally back on track with my plan! I’ll do my best to stick with it during the holiday weekend.

Week 7/8 (my 12-week workout plan)

Scheduled: ya none of this really happened as planned
Friday – Tina’s strength workout 7C + 3 mile run
Saturday – Tina’s strength workout 8A
Sunday –  1h 45m long run
Monday – Tina’s strength workout 8B, treadmill hike
Tuesday –  7 mile recovery run, core workout

Completed: LOTS of workout shuffling….

Friday – Wednesday’s track workout: 1 mile warm up, 10×400 sprints

This was a good one! It happened too long ago for me to remember any other details… I think I aimed for sprints ~9.0 mph? Ooph. Repeating an interval TEN TIMES really takes mental stamina (for me at least).

SaturdayRestBevMo Holiday Beerfest :)

We walked 1 mile to Fort Mason? I made up Saturday’s scheduled strength workout on Monday. Still gotta get buff.

Sunday –  Long run success! I ran for an hour outside and then went indoors for the last 45 minutes.

I missed Thursday’s 45 minute tempo run, so I subbed that in for normal running. Two birds. One stone. The track interval and tempo workouts are the two most important pieces of my “get faster” plan. I’m really happy that during my catch up week I managed to finish both. Also note that my Garmin ran out of battery at mile 4.35, the whole loop was 6.8 (thanks, Google Maps).

Monday – 1 hour treadmill hike, Saturday’s missed 8A strength workout, Monday’s 8B strength workout

See the little triangles? I had to time myself so that I would actually finish all 5 reps of the “Saturday” workout. I gave myself 1:30 to rest between circuits and that worked perfectly. During the breaks I’d record my time, fill in the triangle, and drink water. I mentioned this last week, but I definitely prefer the triangle style format of the “Monday” workout I did versus the 3-2-1 circuits of “Saturday”. Now, I know all this seems like a lot of gym time, but the 49ers game was on, I wanted to watch, I don’t have cable at home, and I was in the zone. Embrace it when it comes!

Tuesday –  as scheduled, the 7 mile recovery run and quick core workout

I realized during this run that I sweat way more than I used to… it’s a pretty damp situation. I went through TWO gym towels’ worth of face wiping. TMI?

Okay, now the 5 nuggets! In no particular order…

1. Eye doctor appointment

I have never been to an optometrist and decided Tuesday was the day. I’ve got 20/20 vision and a slight case of dry eyes. The dilation part was freaky!

2. Soup sharing <3

Kyle prepared a crockpot chicken tortilla soup on Sunday and shared some of his leftovers with me. I enjoyed a bowl of the hearty soup for lunch Tuesday – tasty!

3. Cinnamon roll morning

Speaking of that crockpot soup, when Kyle got all of his ingredients together on Sunday morning, I popped a tube of cinnamon rolls into the oven. 20 minutes later, Kyle, Jeremy, and  I enjoyed the warm, flaky buns for breakfast. I watched some fantasy football updates, a quarter of the Dallas game, and then left so I could do my long run (above).

4. Fantasy football win!

I’m tremendously into this fantasy football stuff. This past week I was matched up against the league leader, whose record was 9-1. I had a stellar week, averaging 18 points per QB/WR/RB/TE. Insane. She had a bad week – Matt Ryan’s interceptions, Arian Foster’s lame game, and the Bears defense. Good news is that I won $10 for highest league points. Bad news is that my best player broke his arm. I’m looking for a replacement, don’t you worry.

5. Updated Garmin times for the Malibu Half Marathon post

Follow the link if you are remotely interested in my inability to keep a consistent pace. Also note that my race photos are always 100% awkward.

With that, I’m all caught up! Enjoy your Wendesday!