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Silicon Valley Turkey Trot 10k, 2012

Posted by Lauren and Nicole

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Happy Thanksgiving [Weekend]!!!

L: We hope yours was spent with family, friends, and fabulous food. Before we recap our Thanksgiving night, we wanted to quickly pop in and talk about one of our favorite traditions – the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot. We have participated in this turkey trot since 2006, only its 2nd year running! So much has changed since then… 3,200 participants in 2006 to 22,000 participants in 2011!

L: My mom and I left her house at 6:45 AM for the airport. We picked up Nicole, who flew in SUPER early.

N: That’s right. I woke up at 3:30, drove to LAX, parked in long term parking, and boarded my 6 AM flight. It was a pain to wake up so early, but there was no way I was going to skip the Turkey Trot tradition!

L: We drove the back streets to a prime parking lot (the same place every year!) and met David and Sam at the flood control tower downtown. Funny meeting spot, no?

N: We wove through the crowd to get as close to the start as possible. We made it pretty far, but were still kind of backed up when the race started. Luckily….

L: ….The crowd thinned out by mile 1 and I set into a good groove. I listened to my iPod on shuffle, enjoyed the nice weather, and ran around downtown San Jose with people dressed up like turkeys.

N: I started the race at a sub-9 pace and made a pact with myself to keep the speed consistent. I was running on 4 hours of sleep and quite a few antibiotics, but that’s okay! It was easy to run with a smile because I was so glad to be back in San Jose.

L: At mile 5 I ran past Krizia, my mom, and David, who were on the other side of the road. Their faces invigorated my spirit and I tried to pick up the pace for the last mile. I ran across the finish line in 47:10 (7:36 pace).

N: My legs felt fatigued after mile 3, but I kept pushing on. I listened to the same playlist from the Malibu Half, and that helped me trudge along. I saw my mom and David on the loop back at mile 5, and that gave me an extra push to the finish.

Our times!!!!

N: I was so proud to finish the 10K with a new official PR of 53:44 (8:39 pace). I’m starting to believe that this whole running thing is purely mental. I had *almost* negative splits!

L: Despite the 25,000 people milling about, my friends and I managed to find each other after finishing. Katie and her sis ran the 5k, Sarah ran all of her 10k (so proud!) and Krizia dominated the 10k too. I love my run-friendly friends :)

N: A bit later, my mom (don’t be fooled by her pilgrim disguise) and David joined us. We spent about an hour just talking with Lauren’s friends and their families.

L: The race was much more organized than last year. They expanded the race start and finish lines, staggered the start times, added 10,000 free parking spots downtown, and switched to virtual goodie bags. I’m amazed at the growth of this race and all the good it has done for the community. “Over the past 7 years [they] have donated over $2.3 million to three local charities. This year, [their] goal is to donate $700,000 to [Second Harvest Foodbank, Housing Trust of Santa Clara County, and Santa Clara County’s Children’s Health Initiative]” (source).

N: And then… it was time for the feast.

– Lauren and Nicole

Wordless: Giving Thanks 2012

Posted by Nicole

This year’s Thanksgiving was great. We had 16 people in our little dining room, plenty of food, and lots of entertaining conversation.

Setting up

Kyle and Lauren

Collin and Morgan (cousins) with Lauren and me

Cutting into the bird

Chips and dip, brie and grapes, banana bread, pies!!!

Glazed carrots and parsnips

Creole stuffing

Mashed potatoes

Green bean casserole

Sweet potatoes

Lentil and mushroom dish

Cheesy garlic brussels sprouts

Honey-baked ham

Smoked turkey

Roasted turkey

Serving time!

Lauren’s plate

My (first) plate

Full bellies and big smiles

Cards Against Humanity (no adults allowed)

We hope your Thanksgiving was as fun and delicious as ours was!

- Nicole