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I won’t go into detail about going to my high school bff’s house last Wednesday night, but… Katie and I hung out on Thanksgiving Eve, ate pizza, and told stories since I haven’t seen her since my work trip to Portland!

20121126 201709 Lack of Details

Katie, me, Krizia – at our high school dance team’s end-of-year ceremony. Precious.

I won’t go into detail about Thursday’s detour to our grandma’s house for 2-touch football. We left our mom’s house in the midst of all Thanksgiving food prep to spend an hour with our dad, step brother, and cousins tossing around the ol’ pigskin.

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Yes, I had a snack after football. Yes, I played in that skirt and leggings!

I won’t go into detail about Friday’s trip to the movie theater with Kyle. We watched Argo and I highly recommend it! Just like Colleen, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Way to go, Affleck.

argo cheers Lack of Details

I’ll cheers to a smart CIA agent. Argo F*** Yourself.

I won’t go into detail about the book I both started and finished over the break (an accomplishment since I fill most of my free time with Hulu, reading blogs, or writing for this blog). I took Emily’s suggestion and downloaded Blackberry Winter. It was a fast, easy read that pulled me in right away.

tumblr mboslkhUZ01riae2mo1 500 Lack of Details

I WILL go into detail about Friday night’s girls’ night with three of my high school best friends – Katie, Sarah, and Krizia. We got together at Natalie’s house (Sarah was house sitting) for dinner and drinks.

1 IMG 7190 Lack of Details

1 IMG 7191 Lack of Details

- Sarah heated up chicken spaghetti that Cindy left for us and made the best honey gorgonzola walnut crostinis.

2 IMG 7192 Lack of Details

- Katie brought some TJ’s crackers, oooold Gouda (MMMMM), and made us all lemon drops! Remember, she’s been blogging about cocktails and happy hours at Happy Hour Honeys!

1 IMG 7177 Lack of Details

- Krizia brought leftover green bean casserole and it was delicious reheated.
- I simply chopped up carrots for Katie’s artichoke dip (lazy)

After the Nuggets game, a 20/20 special on the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints, the largest polygamous community in USA, came on… Very disturbing! I can’t even imagine what that kind of lifestyle would be like. Warren Jeffs gives me the hebbie-jeebies.

I also won’t go into detail about Saturday’s double trouble birthday party honoring two very special men – our step brother Steve and uncle Darran. But, that’s because Nicole promised to recap ;)

20121126 165544 Lack of Details

And I definitely won’t discuss how over the holiday weekend I had a slice of that chocolate cake above, a few gooey chocolate chip cookies, multiple slices of pumpkin roll, 3 types of pumpkin pie, 2 types of berry pie, apple pie, and many slices of banana bread. Because who wants to talk about a sugar rush?

1 1 IMG 8341 Lack of Details

Shh… it’s a secret. ;)

Question: What’s something you did over the weekend that was NOT Thanksgiving related?



2 Responses to Lack of Details

  1. OOooooh I saw a movie, too!! Which is momentous as I mostly NEVER see movies. It was at a place called “Movie Tavern” and THEY BRING FOOD AND DRINK TO YOUR SEAT!!

    (Apparently, I’m really quite late on this one, but there are waiters and fried pickles and chicken tenders for the little ones and pints of beer for the big ones! Too cool.) My date (!) and I saw Life of Pi and it was gorgeous.
    Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers recently posted..The Positive in the NegativeMy Profile

    • Sugar Coated Sisters says:

      The Movie Tavern sounds so fun! I’m all about fried pickles and beer together (especially when a waiter will deliver those to me while I sit in a plush movie theater) I want to know more about your date!! I mean, the movie? ;)

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