Daily Archive: November 27, 2012

The Extra Stuff

Posted by Nicole

Thanksgiving was great- running and eating a lot with my family. That said, I’m glad that I managed to also spend some of time with friends. Beyond the Thanksgiving feast, I fit a lot of “extra stuff” into the busy, short weekend.

On Thursday night, after eating, I took my stuffed belly over to Jessi’s house to hangout with her and Cassie for a while. Jessi had to fly back to Arizona on Black Friday because of her new job at Victoria’s Secret, but I’m glad that we got to see each other for a little while!

Cassie left to go see a movie and Jessi and I spent the rest of the night driving around, catching up, and eventually stopping at a San Jose look-out point.

On Friday, I didn’t go Black Friday shopping. Instead, I sat around, ate leftovers, watched TV, did laundry, helped clean up from the night before, and started the 12 Days of Christmas puzzle (it’s tradition!).

That night, I met up with Cassie for some good ol’ high school football. We went to Starbucks for some large coffees and talked for about an hour before heading to the Friday night lights. We went to an all girls high school, but always went to the boys school’s football games. Her brother is a senior on the boys school team, and this was the semifinal game.

It was weird to be at a high school game… talk about a flashback. Luckily, our team won!

On Saturday, I woke up at 7 AM to make a quick trip to Macys with my mom for some boots. Back at the house, I was glad to see Lauren there! We chatted, ate breakfast, and eventually dragged our dessert-filled bodies to the gym at noon.

After a 3.1 mile run, 10 mins on the elliptical, some abs, and a shower, we went back to my mom’s house. Then I made a loaf of banana bread to bring to Steve’s 25th birthday party.

Steve (stepbro) turned 25 and Darran (stepuncle) turned 50, so this was quite a birthday bash. Plenty of food, cake, games, and beverages to go around.

We watched the USC vs. Notre Dame game and unfortunately SC lost :( Considering our quarterback is out from injury and the new redshirt freshman had to take the field, USC did very well! And the game wasn’t what really mattered – we were there to celebrate Steve and Darran’s birthdays! And celebrate we sure did.

On Sunday, I did some last minute laundry, packed, and took a noon flight back to LA. This weekend was not long enough! Good think I’ll be home again in 4 short long weeks.

– Nicole