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I’m terrible about following the proper WIAW rules.

wiaw+fall+into+good+habits+button WIAW 11/28: Stuffing and Stuff
Nothing I do is comprehensive, or chronological for that matter. I randomly take photos from my phone and use WIAW as a place to dump the camera roll. Whoops! Compromise: I’ll limit myself to one food photo per day:


20121128 013944 WIAW 11/28: Stuffing and Stuff

I spent 5 hours at Starbucks first thing Sunday morning. I ordered my favorite spinach & egg wrap (I especially love the crunchy, toasted ends of each wrap!). I drank plain coffee and got a free refill while doing work-work, planning my 2013 race schedule, and compulsively updating my Fantasy Football app.

I won my matchup this week, in case you were curious…8-4 record, 2 of 12 in league!

20121128 014716 WIAW 11/28: Stuffing and Stuff


20121128 015206 WIAW 11/28: Stuffing and Stuff

I started out my Monday morning with a big bowl of protein oats, then had turkey chili for lunch, snacked on 2 nutrigrain bars and an apple throughout the day, and heated up leftover turkey/veggies for dinner. I picked up frozen yogurt on my way to Kyle’s and it was so. darn. GOOD! Pistachio, pumpkin, and white chocolate macadamia nut froyo in that cup up there!!


20121128 015613 WIAW 11/28: Stuffing and Stuff

Tuesday night I went to my moms house to make special cupcakes for an upcoming product launch at work (more on that soon!). I was ecstatic to see more leftover creole stuffing. Jordan asked for more info, so here’s the story: last year our mom’s fiance David declared that he was making stuffing for Thanksgiving. He bought a million ingredients and worked for hours to produce All Recipes’ Creole Cornbread Stuffing.

I remember the first bite…. it was spicy and sweet and crumbly and gooey. I fell in love with that stuffing. Really, it’s the best stuffing I’ve ever ever ever had. From now until the end of time, I want my Thanksgiving table to have a bowl of this stuffing. It’s fairly time intensive and requires a lot of ingredients (eggs, buttermilk, butter – the healthy stuff), but it’s 100% worth it.

Question: What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Pick ONE!


p.s. more links at Jenn’s party!


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  1. Haha I totally do that too when it comes to pictures on my phone- I’ll take tons for the blog but then they aren’t really good enough to use for a whole post they just end up sitting there. Oh well. And that yogurt looks delicious- I’m seriously craving fro yo these days now that I can’t have it! Boo! And that stuffing looks yum!
    Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola recently posted..ElevenMy Profile

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