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10:30 – Wake up, check phone, decide it’s due time to get out of bed. Realize it’s Dec. 1st… woo! 20 days until home, 25 days till Christmas!

10:45 – Sit down at computer, check the social mediaz, watch Bones on Netflix on my second monitor. Have minor freakout that the Exposition Park Rose Garden is featured on the show (this is in between the USC campus and the Coliseum football stadium).

Screen Shot 2012 11 30 at 5.43.47 PM 450x279 Play by Play: Saturday 12/1

11:15 – Make breakfast of oat bran, cinnamon, stevia, banana, greek yogurt (mixed with more cinnamon and stevia), almond/coconut milk. In that order. It was a very photogenic breakfast……….

IMG 6584 Play by Play: Saturday 12/1

11:30 – Eat while wasting time on theBERRY. Then start working on my study guide for my astronomy final (even though it’s in two weeks…)

12:30 – Realize I need to officially wake up before I start studying. Head outside for a short run around campus.

IMG 6585 Play by Play: Saturday 12/1

IMG 65861 Play by Play: Saturday 12/1

1:00 – Shower and pack backpack. Put on frumpy clothes, complete with “eh” face.

IMG 6589 Play by Play: Saturday 12/1

1:30 – Walk to Starbucks for a study sesh. Enjoy a coffee with peppermint (obsessed) while working outside.

IMG 6587 Play by Play: Saturday 12/1

3:30 – Refill time!!! I’m so glad that Starbucks didn’t get rid of the $0.50 refills for gold card members.

4:00 – Walk back to the apartment and make lunch. Defrost some broccoli and cauliflower, cook with 2 eggs and some whites, add some marinara. Another very photogenic meal (not). Then an apple. Then some more studying.

IMG 6596 Play by Play: Saturday 12/1

4:45 – Study break/hangout at Lindsey’s apartment. Check out the view of downtown from the 8th floor of her apartment building!

IMG 6588 Play by Play: Saturday 12/1

5:45 – Drive to Whole Foods in West Hollywood. Decide that LA driving is the worst, turn up music, dance, try to lift my spirits. It took 40 MINUTES to go 8 MILES.

6:30 – Restock on oat bran and some other stuff.

IMG 6594 Play by Play: Saturday 12/1

7:30 – Arrive back at school. Vow to never drive on a rainy LA night ever again.

8:00 – Eat dinner from the Whole Foods hot/cold bar. Left to right: kale/spinach/tabouleh/nooch (added at my apt), caesar salad, butternut squash. And then a Clif Z bar.

IMG 6595 Play by Play: Saturday 12/1

8:30 – Compile this post. Not sure what the rest of the night holds. Maybe more studying. But probably not.

- N

Q4U: Any good book recommendations?


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  1. I just finished Silver Linings Playbook – so good. It’s a movie now with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, but I definitely suggest reading the book before the movie. It was a quick read, too. :) Looks like you had a relaxing Saturday!
    Megan @ runningonjava recently posted..A good thingMy Profile

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