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Short post. But there are dogs involved at the end….

Week 10 (my 12-week workout plan)

Sunday: Scheduled – 2 hour run
Completed – I’m going to pretend I read 2 hours of cardio instead of 2 hour run… I honestly think it’s the cold temps that encourage me to skip the long runs. Sunday evening I stayed inside and ran one hour on the treadmill, covering 7.2 miles, before hopping on the stationary bike to slowly pedal for an hour.


I watched the most recent episode of Next Iron Chef on live TV. What a nail-biter. I still plan on recapping the past two episodes (I do it for you, Nicole).

Ahh, Monday morning…. another fine day at work! I started off with a mug of coffee. Don’t you just love that logo? :)


At 11:45 I went to the cafeteria for a bowl of soup. It only costs $1.71 and the options are all SO GOOD. A few weeks ago I started adding a lil’ salad bar to the empty soup bowl for extra greens. I then top the greens with a heartier soup option (typically turkey chili) and then a more broth-y soup. I’ll do this even when I bring leftovers because it’s warm, tasty, and gets me out of my building (oh, and the free crackers).


Around 8:30 PM I went to the gym for Monday’s workout, which was 100% as scheduled:

Monday: Completed – 45 minute treadmill incline hike and Tina’s strength workout 4B


I really liked all the strength exercises in 4B – but not as much as I liked the recent Thanksgiving episode of Gossip Girl. I can’t believe there are only TWO (2!!!!) episodes left in this series. Dan Humphrey officially gives me the creeps. What a jerkface.


Right, about those dogs I mentioned.

I have no idea why, but I had the urge to look up puppies on Craigslist tonight. I also Yelped nearby pet shelters, and then searched, ultimately realizing that I’m not sure what breed to search for in the first place. Beyond the search itself, I’m not even sure what I was looking for… I’m definitely not ready for a dog. But that’s not the point. I eventually stumbled across this Dog Breed Selector quiz on Animal Planet and found my best match:

Interesting! Love the spots on GSPs. The extended description reminds me of myself – “This is an active dog that can become frustrated and “creative” if not given ample daily exercise, both mental and physical.”

The runners-up include a few of my favorites (like the Brittany and Border Collie) and a few I want to research more (Australian Cattle Dog, Cheseapeake Bay Retriever, Pharaoh Hound…)

Question: If you take the quiz, what is your top dog? Surprised?


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  1. Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola

    A healthy lunch at your office for less than $2?! That’s amazing! Where I work in the city we don’t have a lot of lunch options so it’s pretty impossible to grab lunch for less than $15! Boo! And ah I forgot GG was on last night! I need to watch it! I can’t believe this is the end of the series– it’s more like the end of an era! And love that you were searching dogs yesterday because I was too! Even though there is no way I can have one right now! I really want a King Charles Spaniel! They are my fave!

    1. Sugar Coated Sisters (Post author)

      King Charles Spaniel. ADORABLE!!! I need to solidify my living situation before I even start the dog hunt. But it’s good to research ahead of time, right?

  2. Sugar Coated Sisters (Post author)

    You do it for me? I’m confused… I don’t even watch the show…

    I love Brittany Spaniels and cannot wait until the day that I can own one!

    – Nicole

    1. Sugar Coated Sisters (Post author)

      Ya I do it because you don’t watch. You must stay informed!

      You, me, Brittany Spaniel, roommates 2014?

      1. Sugar Coated Sisters (Post author)

        Lauren- I don’t think I could handle ACTUALLY being your roommate. Seems like a recipe for disaster. Plus, you do not like vodka.

        – N


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