Daily Archive: December 6, 2012

We Built A House

Posted by Lauren

In the cafeteria at work, there are three soup options. Today, two of my favorites were available: chicken tortilla soup and turkey chili. I mixed the two together and ate outside in the misty rain. Lucky day? I think so.

Kyle and I went to Erik’s Deli for a quick dinner en route to our friends’ Gingerbread House Making Party. I got a little cranky in the car due to hunger, but the turkey and avocado sandwich settled that issue. Not sure why everything looks yellow…..

Someone gave me their pickle spear because they don’t like pickles. More for me! Definitely my lucky day.

Chris and Susannah invited friends over to make gingerbread houses and get in the holiday spirit. They had two huuuuge bowls of icing ready when we walked in the door, along with fresh cookies, boxes of graham crackers, bowls of candy, and spiked hot cocoa.

Not to mention they also had holiday tunes playing and work stations all set up!

When I read the invite and what to bring, all I registered was “BRING CANDY” – my brain stalls after the word candy I guess? In addition to some $1 store candy bargains, we should have brought a box of graham crackers for the structure. Thankfully, Susannah was plenty prepared and shared an extra box with us!

We got to work right away… once the basic walls and roof were up, Kyle decorated the front and I did the back.

It turned out pretty nice I think!

My favorite touches: peanut brittle icicles, swimming pool and diving board, santa worm coming out of the chimney, two-tier roof, and all “extra” side candy I got to eat!

One for the house, one for me… repeat, repeat, repeat.
Peanut butter M&M’s, raisinets, sour belts, and pretzel M&M’s…. oh my, oh my, oh my.

Check out the CATHEDRAL Susannah made. It was nearly three times the size of our house!!

She used an entire cookie as the door, just so you get an idea of scale.

Another guest made a California house with the typical slanted roof top and solar panels. Pretty funny.

Before I knew it, we had to head home so that Kyle could finish up a time sensitive thingamajigger. Good thing he dragged me out of there before I really damaged the candy scene!! I had such a great time — thanks for the invite, Susannah!

Question: When is the last time you made a gingerbread house? I can’t even remember, but last year I made a ton of ginger cookies for the #GingerXmas shindig. Pick one: Gingerbread or Graham Crackers. Gingerbread for cookies, graham crackers for house building.