Finals Survival Tips

Posted by Nicole

Happy Sunday night or Monday! I’m assuming that some of you have finals this week, or at least some of the younger college kid readers out there. Here are some tips for surviving the next week or two of the dreaded finals season.

1. Good snacks. I’ll start with the best one. A few days ago I walked to the grocery store with my roomie to stock up on study snacks. We decided that the brain burns calories while studying.

2. Make a list or calendar of what you need to do. Put things in perspective. And you have to admit it feels so great to cross things off of said list.

3. Get a workout in, even if you don’t really feel like it. You could also bring your notes with you to the gym. Double the pain, but double the benefit. You could also do a simple yoga video from Hulu or YouTube just to get the muscles working. You will feel better afterwards, guaranteed.

4. If you feel lazy whenever you wear pajamas/sweats, change into some real clothes! I know that when I shower, do my makeup/hair, and actually put on a decent outfit, I feel much more prepared for the day.

5. Study with friends!!! Talk about solidarity! Bonus points if your friends share their Greek food with you ;)

6. Find a place you like and study there. It might be the library, Starbucks, your bedroom; just do what works for you.

7. Listen to good study jamz. This works for some people, like me, that love listening to music while studying. I suggest Frank Ocean or The Weeknd (slow jams), Explosions in the Sky (instrumental), or a recent fave- Krewella’s “Troll Mix Vol. 1 F*** Finals Edition” downloadable from their soundcloud profile here.

8. Don’t stress. Try and remember what grade you got on a test in high school. Hopefully you aren’t dwelling on your old grades and you realize that a bad grade on a final won’t completely ruin your life. And a random photo from my senior year physics class:

9. Dedicate some time to having fun, whether it be taking a TV break, reading blogs, going shopping (hello Christmas), cooking/baking, or going out for dinner/dancing with friends.

10. That said, make sure you don’t spend too much time having fun that you neglect to get sleep. It seems obvious, but sleep often gets left behind in favor of studying. (Don’t mind the random piece of pie on this bed… found it in our photo archives lol)

Hopefully some of these tips help… If nothing else, now you have an excuse to go buy some snacks, go out with friends, and eat pie in bed.

Have a good week!

– Nicole

Q4U: What is your “finals survival tip”? Share your wisdom :)

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  1. Megan @ runningonjava

    I love this! All of these are so true – and it looks like I’m good as I prepare for finals! For me, organization is key. My mom always tells me to just take things one at a time as opposed to looking at everything you have to do as a whole. It helps me!
    Megan @ runningonjava recently posted..Marvelously busyMy Profile


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