Daily Archive: December 11, 2012


Posted by Nicole

Happy Tuesday! Hope your week is going well. I don’t have much of a post today, just some missing odds-and-ends from the past couple days…

1. I have decided that I need one of these machines. Until then, I will continue to go to my friend’s apartment complex to steal brew coffee.

2. On Friday, I went with three dance team girls to Freak Chic, a tattoo/piercing place on Melrose Ave. The employees were AMAZING and if you are looking for a good place to get body art done in LA, definitely go here! Soraya got her tattoo touched up and got two new small ones. This trip reconfirmed that I could neve ever ever get a tattoo because it seems so painful (not to mention my mother would cut me off financially).

3. I started reading “The Happiness Project” and it’s pretty good so far. I like that it is a balance of real-life experience and scientific facts. I found this information really interesting:

4. Men’s basketball unfortunately didn’t win their game on Saturday, but our dances went well. This morning at practice, our coach said that our performance on Saturday was the point of “line crossing” that takes our team from “dancing” to “exploding” on the court. That’s a good thing!

5. Charlotte and I hung out at the sorority for a few hours on Sunday night. The house is decorated and it is so beautiful! There is no shortage of nautical ornaments on the tree:

6. After two weeks of on-and-off rainy days, LA has redeemed itself with weather in the high 60s. Blue skies and sunshine make finals week a lot less dreary.

7. Post-workout protein of egg whites and cottage cheese. Doesn’t it look appetizing? ;)

8. Study sessions mean a lot of caffeine. On that note, time to make the trek to Starbucks…

Be back tomorrow for What I Ate Wednesday! I’ve been doing well with taking pics so far today, hopefully I keep it up.

– Nicole

Q4U: Do you have any cool tattoos or piercings? Or any funny stories?

I passed out when I got my ears pierced in 8th grade. It was not a pretty sight!