College Christmas, Dance VIDEO, Workouts!

Posted by Nicole

Friday night I did what any student in the middle of finals and homesickness should do- I celebrated an early Christmas…. college style. (I also followed Finals Survival Tip #9!)


Complete with a giant tree and Natty Light “star”…


some matching buddies…


a blazing fire…


…and some 21-cup!

Even with the fun night out, I made sure to get a good 8 hours of sleep because Saturday sure was a busy day. I was decked out in “dancer” hair and makeup and at the basketball gym by 10:30 AM. We danced at the 12:00 women’s game and the 4:00 men’s game. The double header required lots of energy!

My good friend Grant was at the women’s game and captured one of our routines (though we are facing the other way and the quality isn’t too fantastic).

dance force usc

Here’s our dance:

From Nicole Olerich on Vimeo.

Unfortunately, the women’s team lost, but the men’s team won! Woo!

usc trojan dance force 2012


And now to talk about this week’s workouts.

lyon center

This week I gave myself a few goals:

  1. Make an effort to run more.
  2. Strength train, gosh darn it!
  3. Push through some tough workouts this week so you can enjoy the rest during Christmas break.

I’d say I did pretty well.


  • GYM:
  • 4 mile run
  • corework: situps, planks, russian twists with medicine ball, leg lifts


  • DANCE:
  • 2 hr practice
  • GYM:
  • 35 mins incline walk, 15 mins hill intervals on the bike
  • 3×15 bicep curl, bent-over dumbbell row, dumbbell tricep extensions, lat pulldown, seated leg press
  • 20 min bike


  • DANCE:
  • 2 hr practice
  • GYM:
  • 2.5 mile run
  • 3×15 pushups, oblique dips 25# plate
  • 1.5 mile run


  • GYM:
  • 2 mile run
  • 20 mins bike
  • 4 mile run, 1 mile cooldown walk


  • GYM:
  • 4 mile run
  • 30 mins bike
  • 3×15 pushups, oblique dips 25# plate

Friday - this was a bad day and basically a forced workout. I should have just rested.

  • GYM:
  • 20 mins elliptical
  • 35 mins incline walk


  • DANCE:
  • cheered/performed at women’s and men’s basketball games
  • GYM:
  • 2 mile run, 0.5 mile walk, 2 mile run, 1 mile walk (all while watching the Univ. of Arizona basketball game and texting my friend Jessi while she was at the game. such a nail-biter and Arizona just barely beat Florida!)

I’m still having trouble with two big things:

  1. Snacks between meals when I’m not actually hungry
  2. Late-night eating (like 11 PM… it’s just not necessary)

Ehh, it’s a work in progress. Can’t complain.

– Nicole

Q4U: Highlight of your weekend?! What was your favorite workout this week?

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