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I’m currently overcoming an intense sugar coma from my Holiday Cookie Swap. Please excuse any grammar errors or typos that might result from shaking hands and/or crumbs stuck in my keyboard.

I’m not kidding.

Question: Can I talk about Saturday’s slow cooker amazingness before I tell you about the delicious cookies of Sunday??

stanley2 Slow Cooker Saturday

Greul. So on Saturday around 4 pm Kyle came over to my place with his slow cooker. The roast inside had already simmered for 5 hours with red wine and cream of mushroom. We plugged the slow cooker in so the meat could cook for about 2 more hours and then put another coat of chalkboard paint on my little glasses…

1 IMG 7541 Slow Cooker Saturday

Those babies needed a coat of gray primer and three coats of chalkboard paint. I really appreciated Kyle’s help painting all 16 glasses… painting can kind of be monotonous.

Instead of watching paint dry, we worked on the dinner sides: roasted brussels sprouts and potatoes…. they came out perfect!

1 IMG 8390 Slow Cooker Saturday

Once the roast reached 7 hours in the slow cooker, Kyle took the slab of meat out and placed it on a plate to “set.” Steamy….

1 IMG 8386 Slow Cooker Saturday

I was like…

double thumbs up Slow Cooker Saturday


Meanwhile, Kyle had onions and mushrooms in a saute pan….

1 IMG 8387 Slow Cooker Saturday

…and then he added liquid from the crockpot (wine, cream of mushroom, roast drippings) with a little cornstarch to thicken. The “gravy” was OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD.

1 IMG 8388 Slow Cooker Saturday

Dinner, served!

1 IMG 7543 Slow Cooker Saturday

This is one of the best meals we’ve ever put together… and I really can’t take any credit for it at all! The roast and mushroom gravy was extremely flavorful and tender. The slow cooker does wonders!

After dinner, Kyle and I went to the movie theater to see Lincoln. I’ve wanted to see this movie for a while now, partly to scope out Lincoln’s ensemble. I’ve always wanted to dress up like Abe Lincoln for Halloween, even before Schmidt made it popular.

cm 29983 15097158751097 Slow Cooker Saturday


As if the date night could get any better, Kyle ALSO had candy for the two of us during the movie… sour patch kids and the best-ever chocolate-covered raisins! (from Kim’s company)

1 IMG 7546 Slow Cooker Saturday

So… before the captivating movie, before the perfect dinner, and before the glass painting, I baked a few dozen chocoooolate cookies. The key to great chocolate cookies is using great chocolate. Duh. See those slabs of bittersweet chocolate on the kitchen scale in the photo below? That’s Guittard 72%… solid stuff.

1 2012 12 15 Slow Cooker Saturday

I followed this Brown Eyed Baker recipe exactly and ended up with 30 gooey “Better-Than-Brownies” cookies.

1 IMG 8384 Slow Cooker Saturday

Next time: Holiday Cookie Swap details!

Question: What’s your go-to slow cooker meal?



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  1. That roast looks Fantastic!! I know slow cookers do most of the work for you, but smelling is deliciousness wafting from them for 7 HOURS can be hard too! I’m so intrigues by these chalkboard glasses, can’t wait to see the finished product!
    theresa @ aspoonfulofsunshine recently posted..The End of the Injury? (Part 3)My Profile

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