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Final Stretch

Posted by Nicole

Nothing too exciting has happened since Sunday. I’ve managed to only snap photos of studying and random food here-and-there. Sheesh, could I get more boring???!!!

This morning, I woke up at 6 to clear my email/Google reader, browse Pinterest, and finish studying for my astronomy final. I used YouTube video lectures from other universities to review some of the bigger topics (Theories of Relativity, Types of Galaxies, Big Bang Theory, etc.). The internet sure is handy!


I realized I would be more productive if I didn’t have the social medias tempting me, so I took my notes with me to the gym and studied while walking for an hour. Silly ol’ me found a way to get distracted though…….. as in, I actually favored watching ESPN’s Monday Night Football recaps over studying.

Anyways, the final went well! Then I ate lunch, took a one-hour nap, drowsily went to dance practice, learned a new Christmas routine for Thursday night’s game, grabbed dinner from the sorority house, and met up with a friend to study for statistics.


Once he left, I spent a bit longer at the sorority house studying with all my fellow sisters….. oh wait…………..

dg empty

It’s a little hard to focus because 90% of students are done with fall semester finals, but come 10 AM tomorrow, I’ll be done as well! This is the final stretch!

Here’s a random collage of some of the healthier food from the day:


1- I’m kind of obsessed with this veggie juice from Fresh ‘n Easy. It’s getting me excited to use my juicer over break!

2- Greek yogurt and banana… a combination that will never get old. Someday I am going to make this, freeze it, and then eat it (kinda like froyo). Nevermind, who am I kidding… that won’t happen because I lack patience.

3- Dinner from the sorority was deeeeelicious! Broccoli, spring mix and mushrooms, and a piece of amazing pumpkin ricotta spinach lasagna.

Okay, time to hit the hay. I have an alarm set for 5:45 AM, so I can shower, study cram, and rock my 8 AM final!

– Nicole

Next Iron Chef: Transformation, Risk, Fusion

Posted by Lauren

*Pressing publish before spell check, got to run! (Literally.)*

Although you wouldn’t know it from the blog, I have been keeping up with this season of Next Iron Chef. Four episodes aired since I last posted about episode 3’s Simplicity challenge but you bet I’ve kept a close eye on my chef draft picks. #TeamAlex all the way.

I’m going to highlight the ups and downs of episodes 4, 5, and 6, which focus on Transformation, Risk, and Fusion (such serious episode names!). Seven chefs turned into four…. and soon there will be one!

Episode 4 – Transformation

next iron chef episode 4 transformation 01

Chairman’s Challenge: transform nasty canned food into food of Iron Chef caliber.

next iron chef episode 4 transformation 02

  • Creepy Mehta got canned chicken. He vowed to make it stand out “like a lion.” Although his rice was mushy, the chicken pergora (?) with green curry got him through.
  • Falkner ended up with canned roast beef. I didn’t even know they put roast beef in cans. Gross! She made a “really good” red wince sauce with cognac, veal stock and paired it with roasted vegetables. She won.
  • Alex G-$ picked the canned ham and served the judges a sugar snap pea/ravioli dish with basil puree. It was good enough to keep her out of the bottom two.
  • Appleman ended up with canned tuna. He transformed it into tuna puttanesca (with ricotta gnocchi) and frozen tuna shards of some variety. The ofrozen canned tuna made him seem more “out of the box.”
  • Freitag struggled with opening her can of corned beef. Girl has trouble opening and closing things! She cooked mustard greens in bacon fat, potatoes in duck fat, and assembled an homage to real corned beef with mustard caviar and yorkshire pudding!!! Ooh la la.

However, it was Chef Spike’s lame vienna sausage Vietnamese crepe dish and Chef Spike’s clam “crazy water” pasta dish that landed them in the bottom two.

next iron chef episode 4 transformation 03

Turns out, these two are BEST FRIENDS FOR EVER AND EVER.

“We used to, like, throw frisbees and make gnocchi together.”

How romantic.

next iron chef episode 4 transformation 04

next iron chef episode 4 transformation 05

They were stoked to battle each other in the Secret Ingredient Showdown. Um, you guys know what “showdown” means, right?

next iron chef episode 4 transformation 08

They got the easiest ingredient ever… lobster.

next iron chef episode 4 transformation 07

Spike and Vigneron decided to put their creations on the same plate for judging. You kidding me??

“We came here together, we are going to play together, we might as well be judged together.”

Reaction from the chefs watching on…

next iron chef episode 4 transformation 09

Their reactions were so funny, I actually typed them out word-for-word:

Freitag: “What are you guys up to? What do you got going on there?… It’s not a good idea”.

Alex G-$: “What are they doing? They’re plating on the same plate. Wow. That is unprecedented.”

Falkner: “I’m so perplexed right now. I don’t even know what to say.”

And the best yet…

Appleman: “Good for them. I think it’s the worst decision they could have ever made. I think this is what’s going to send both of them home… I think they’re making a mockery of this competition. I think it’s going to blow up in their face.”

Don’t hold back, Nate!

next iron chef episode 4 transformation 10

The judges were not impressed by the 1 Plate Wonder. Zakarian felt they got played. The British guy said “silliness doesn’t show Iron Chef behavior.” And the chick said Spike and Vigneron made an arrogant decision.

Although Vigneron didn’t want to eliminate his “best friend,” his lobster out-clawed the competition. Heh. Heh. Bye Spike!

Episode 5 – Risk

next iron chef episode 4 transformation 11

This episode was a direct copycat of one from last season. Except this time they used bigger food. Bigger isn’t always better Food Network (#guyfieri).

Premise: the chefs auctioned cooking times to win certain food items. Example: I can cook those frog legs in 40 minutes. I can cook them in 35 minutes! 30 minutes!

next iron chef episode 5 risk 06

Last year Alex G-$ had to cook lamb in 20 minutes. This year she made sure to be aggressive with the first item up for bids: bison ribs.

next iron chef episode 5 risk 07

Appleman and Creepy Mehta sat quitely until the last two freight trucks opened up their doors.

next iron chef episode 5 risk 08

Creepy Mehta picked up ostrich eggs for 25 minutes and Appleman defaulted to the last item: mortadella (and only 20 minutes to cook it!)

next iron chef episode 5 risk 09

Appleman wasn’t worried about size (that implies something, don’t you think?) and attacked the tip of the 180 pound Italian sausage.

The other chefs prepare calves’ heads (Vigneron), the exotic paiche fish (Falkner), and a wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano (Freitag).

next iron chef episode 5 risk 03

Since she won last week, Chef Falkner had the QUOTE UNQUOTE advantage of judging her competitors. Last season Anne Burrell had the same advantage, but she was sent home in the showdown against the very person she chose to send to the showdown. Twisted, huh?

Anyways, Falkner tasted everything and scribbled secretively on a piece of paper. Who would she send to the showdown????!!!

next iron chef episode 5 risk 01

Then the chefs went to the real judges and this happened:

next iron chef episode 5 risk 02

Alex G-$’s beef tongue theft got her through to next week, as did the souffles of Creepy Mehta and Freitag. SADLY, two of my favorites ended up in the Secret Ingredient Showdown.

next iron chef episode 5 risk 04

Yes, Falkner put Appleman in the bottom 2 AND the judges put HER in the bottom 2. Just like last year! Semi-predictable, Food Network.

next iron chef episode 5 risk 05

Both chefs were happy about the sardine secret ingredient, but only one could survive.

next iron chef episode 5 risk 11

Might I remind you that Appleman is my #2 pick and Falkner is Andrew’s #2 pick? (Please excuse typo, below)

next iron chef episode 5 risk 10

Although it pained the judges to make a call (I mean really, look at them), they sent Falkner home because she used too much saffron. It was emotional!

next iron chef episode 5 risk 12

Sorry to see you go, Lizzie.

next iron chef episode 5 risk 13

Girl needs her own show!

Episode 6 – Fusion

next iron chef episode 6 fusion 01

And now we’re in Las Vegas. How remote, NOT.

next iron chef episode 6 fusion 02

The 5 remaining chefs head to the Chapel at MGM for the Chairman’s Challenge.

Premise: each Iron Chef hopeful must be able to produce culinary bliss with ingredients that don’t at first seem to naturally juxtapose.

next iron chef episode 6 fusion 03

Alton reveals the ingredient lovers and then Vigneron assigns them to the chefs as his reward for winning last week.

next iron chef episode 6 fusion 04

He picked peanut butter + blue cheese for himself (nice choice smartypants). He gave chicken livers + peppermints to Alex G-$, bone marrow + fruit candies to Creepy Mehta, clams + strawberries to Appleman, and calarmi + marshmallows to Frietag.

Some of those combos are truly frightening.

Appleman, who never shows an ounce of kindness to his competitors, helped Freitag when she ONCE AGAIN could not close the pressure cooker lid. Like I said earlier, the lady can’t open and close things!

next iron chef episode 6 fusion 05

Jury’s still out on if I think Chef Vigneron is Iron Chef caliber. Clearly he acts like a caveman (or like I do when I have cake batter leftovers).

next iron chef episode 6 fusion 06

The chefs pranced around the small Nobhill Tavern kitchen, but it’s my #1 pick Alex G-$ that really brought her A-game to Vegas. Look how cute she looks! Girl is ready to hit up the clubs.

next iron chef episode 6 fusion 07

Their “fusion” offerings… which food pair needed a prenup?

next iron chef episode 6 fusion 08

That looks like a winning squid/marshmallow dish to me!

next iron chef episode 6 fusion 09

Creepy Mehta stripped the skittle down a little too far, even for Vegas standards.

next iron chef episode 6 fusion 10

Alex G-$ played it safe, once again, but her charm and peppermint candy balsamic vinegar salad dressing got her through to the next round.

next iron chef episode 6 fusion 11

OMG the judges loved this. No kidding, it’s PEANUT BUTTER and CHEESE!

next iron chef episode 6 fusion 12

Appleman’s “crazy water” just wasn’t crazy-good. Did anyone else notice how Appleman made the same type of dish that saved Vigneron in the Best Friend Battle of episode 4?

Surprisingly, Freitag won!

next iron chef episode 6 fusion 13

Her reaction is fairly cookie-cutter.

next iron chef episode 6 fusion 14

Appleman and Creepy Mehta head to the Secret Ingredient Showdown: shrimp, teppanyaki style!

next iron chef episode 6 fusion 15

Appleman’s okonomiyaki (traditional Japanese pancake) with peas, peppers, and kefir lime outdid Creepy Mehta’s “shrimp spectacular.”

next iron chef episode 6 fusion 16

No more creepy stares off into the distance! Hallelujah!

next iron chef episode 6 fusion 17

If you’re keeping score, this is where Andrew and I stand after episode 6:


  1. Amanda Freitag
  2. Elizabeth Faulkner
  3. Jehangir Mehta
  4. Spike Mendelsohn


  1. Alex Guarnaschelli
  2. Nate Appleman
  3. Erik Greenspan
  4. Marcel Vigneron

Things are looking pretty good…. sorry Andrew.