Final Stretch

Posted by Nicole

Nothing too exciting has happened since Sunday. I’ve managed to only snap photos of studying and random food here-and-there. Sheesh, could I get more boring???!!!

This morning, I woke up at 6 to clear my email/Google reader, browse Pinterest, and finish studying for my astronomy final. I used YouTube video lectures from other universities to review some of the bigger topics (Theories of Relativity, Types of Galaxies, Big Bang Theory, etc.). The internet sure is handy!


I realized I would be more productive if I didn’t have the social medias tempting me, so I took my notes with me to the gym and studied while walking for an hour. Silly ol’ me found a way to get distracted though…….. as in, I actually favored watching ESPN’s Monday Night Football recaps over studying.

Anyways, the final went well! Then I ate lunch, took a one-hour nap, drowsily went to dance practice, learned a new Christmas routine for Thursday night’s game, grabbed dinner from the sorority house, and met up with a friend to study for statistics.


Once he left, I spent a bit longer at the sorority house studying with all my fellow sisters….. oh wait…………..

dg empty

It’s a little hard to focus because 90% of students are done with fall semester finals, but come 10 AM tomorrow, I’ll be done as well! This is the final stretch!

Here’s a random collage of some of the healthier food from the day:


1- I’m kind of obsessed with this veggie juice from Fresh ‘n Easy. It’s getting me excited to use my juicer over break!

2- Greek yogurt and banana… a combination that will never get old. Someday I am going to make this, freeze it, and then eat it (kinda like froyo). Nevermind, who am I kidding… that won’t happen because I lack patience.

3- Dinner from the sorority was deeeeelicious! Broccoli, spring mix and mushrooms, and a piece of amazing pumpkin ricotta spinach lasagna.

Okay, time to hit the hay. I have an alarm set for 5:45 AM, so I can shower, study cram, and rock my 8 AM final!

– Nicole

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  1. theresa @ aspoonfulofsunshine

    You can do it girl! For some reason I always get screwed over with my finals schedule so I’m the last one to finish among all my roomies. It is SO hard to stay focused when everyone is celebrating being done, but you’re almost there! HOMESTREEEEEETCH!
    theresa @ aspoonfulofsunshine recently posted..The End of the Injury? (Part 3)My Profile


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