Daily Archive: December 19, 2012

Makeup Madness

Posted by Nicole

I’m finally done with the semester! Such sweet relief.

My morning started at 6 AM, which gave me plenty of time to shower, eat breakfast, and calmly walk to campus.

IMG_6793 figueroa sunset

Not gonna lie, I always feel productive when I wake up to a sunrise!

Then, I did a few last minute practice problems and took my test. All the build-up definitely made turning in the exam even better.


I was extra excited to finish my final because the rest of the day was filled with fun plans.

1- Post-final Starbucks trip. Deserved it!!!


2- Our dance team recently got a makeup sponsor and today we got all the goods to make us beautiful. New mascara, eyeshadows, lipstick, skin care products, and bronzer. Also, we each got a consultation and complimentary concealer/powder and blush specific to our skin tones. It was like an early Christmas!



3- Soraya, one of the dance captains, and I went to the mall afterwards so she could pick up a Secret Santa gift for tonight. I love the view from the Beverly Center – the Hollywood sign and Downtown LA skyline all in one place.

beverly center escalator

4- After a late lunch, I headed to the gym to half-ass a workout. 4 miles of incline walking (6%) while reading blogs did the trick. It felt good to move.


5- Now it’s time for me to get dolled up for our dance team dinner, gift exchange, and Christmas party! Dressing up is always so fun and it feels like forever since I put on a fancy dress and heels. I’m actually bringing my real camera out tonight instead of just my iPhone, so the next post will surely be filled with some good photos. Woo!

Hope your week is going well… 6 days till Christmas!


Question: Since this was a kinda girly post- What is your favorite makeup brand and/or product?

Some of my favorites:

makeup favorites

  • Benefit Coralista blush and Hoola bronzer – these come especially in handy during the paler winter months
  • Mac eyeshadows are great too – I used to collect them!
  • Maybelline Ultra Liner liquid eyeliner – affordable and it lasts a long time!
  • Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes – good for travel because they have a bit of everything

WIAW 12/19: Following the Rules

Posted by Lauren

*If you are new to the blog through WIAW, please check out our About page!*

This time I will do WIAW the traditional way. I’m sure Nicole will appreciate the fact that I am finally following the rules. Believe it or not, I’m not the rule breaker of the family! Head over to Jenn’s blog for many more WIAW participants! This is #100!

Breakfast at home – 8:10 am
Oat bran and banana. Classic.


Lunch at work – 12:00 pm
My Taco Tuesday steak salad… No tortilla chips this week!


Snack #1 – 2:30 pm
Fuji apple from the fruit bowl… I’ve been choosing that over the candy bowl lately. Score!


Snack #2 – 4:00 pm
Strawberry Nutrigrain bar


OK. Cookie intermission… During my lunch break I transformed into Cookie Santa and delivered two plates of leftover cookies from my Holiday Cookie Swap.


One plate went to Kyle and one plate went to my mom. I took advantage of the fact that both of them work within 5 minutes of me!


Check out her new glasses! Foxy.

Snack #3 – 4:30 and 6:00 pm
Three rugelach cookies (ex. twisty ones in the top left of the cookie plate photo). We’ve got an entire plate in our office and I finally dug in.

Dinner at work – 6:30 pm
Leftover roast, brussels sprouts, and potatoes from Saturday’s slow cooker dinner.


Dessert – 9 pm onwards…
Best-ever chocolate-covered raisins from Kim! I broke into Kyle’s Christmas stash… Seriously the best!


Before I went to Kyle’s, I got in a quality run at the gym. I haven’t done the 5-4-3-2-1 treadmill run in a while so I figured I’d try that! 3 rounds later my “recovery run” was finished!


p.s. yesterday I watched the series finale of Gossip Girl LIVE at the gym. I turned the volume up, pedaled on the stationary bike, and did a few random weight machine exercises.

gossip girl series finale gym

I’ve watched this show since the beginning and I really loved their final episode. Gossip Guy? Who would have guessed? I suppose he is a “writer.”

Question: What’s your favorite chocolate-covered snack?

I love these power berries from Trader Joe’s. So addictive!