Palo Alto Creamery + 15 hour break

Posted by Lauren

There’s a place in downtown Palo Alto that makes me want to put on a poodle skirt and sing Born to Hand Jive.



Walking inside the Palo Alto Creamery (566 Emerson Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301) is like stepping back in time…. 1923? 1953? 1993? This place hasn’t changed all that much since the doors opened NINETY years ago.



On Wednesday night, after an anticlimactic drive through Palo Alto’s Christmas Tree Lane, Kyle and I agreed to finally pop into The Creamery for a milkshake. PSA: avoid Christmas Tree lane and just watch this holiday light spectacle instead (start at 1:50).



The Creamery was everything I hoped it would be: spinning stools, gooseneck soda fountains, an attractive pie case, and counter-service.



We got an order of fries – crispy, hot, fluffy, peppery fries – and an extra thick Heath Bar Krunch shake. Totally hit the spot. Ordering an old fashioned milkshake and spinning on the bar stool made me feel really wholesome for some reason. I can’t wait to go back for dinner and another shake (plus, all the dinner options sound delicious).



p.s. Don’t be fooled by the barely-filled baby glasses. That’s their shtick. The stainless steel vessel supplied us with even more marvelous milkshakeage.

p.p.s. that two-tone ketchup plate has regular Heinz ketchup and Pepper Plant hot sauce… best way to dip steak fries if you ask me.



I made sure not to eat ice cream for a while after taking down more than half my share of the heath bar milkshake… a grand total of 15 hours!

Thursday I met my bff Krizia for lunch at her work. If you’re a new reader, the 20 second story is that Krish and I were on the same dance team in high school, went to college together + were roommates for three years, and then post-college we worked together at a really terrific company. Now I’m at a new company down the street and get so excited every time she invites me over for lunch. The cafe was totally remodeled since I left – it’s huuuuuuge now. And, they have a frozen yogurt machine!!



Vanilla and gingerbread frozen yogurt with oreo crumbles, mochi, and mini pb cups.

Don’t worry, I also had a plate of “normal” food. Turkey, ham + mustard, roasted veggies + rice, salad + green beans. #Balance LOL.



Thanks for the lunch invite, Krish! Or should I say: Merci! Kembali! Danke!



Question: Do you have a favorite milkshake spot? Does your milkshake bring all the boys to the yard? Favorite milkshake combo?

chicago diner milkshake

Cookie Dough Peanut Butter from The Chicago Diner!!!!!!!! YESSSSS.


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