Daily Archive: December 23, 2012

Cupcakes, Couch, Cutie

Posted by Lauren

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday!

In a few hours my mom and Nicole will pick me up for our annual pre-Christmas celebration in San Francisco. I’m looking forward to spending the day with those two, a great dinner at oola and hours upon hours of shopping!

Not much has happened since my last post… And that’s the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it. Nicole’s home! She arrived just in time to help me pack up an order of 2 dozen gluten free Boo Radley’s cupcakes.






The extra batter left us with a spare baker’s dozen to enjoy among the fam. Shirley was happy about that!


Nicole and I made it to the gym late on Friday, after each taking down 2ish cupcakes. The sugar upset Nicole’s stomach (weakling) but it had the opposite effect on me for some reason. I was in the ‘running zoooone’ and busted out a fast 3 miles.


Reflection pic #proof LOL. Before we left, Nicole led a long ab workout that still has me sore. Thanks, sis.

I spent Friday night at my mom’s house, but since Nicole’s home, I had to sleep on the couch. No bueno.


Before I left my mom’s Saturday night, I made myself a bowl of soup and watched The Only Way Is Essexmas. Anyone with access to ITV2, please don’t judge me – it’s a guilty pleasure!


p.s. on Thursday night I went over to my high school bff Natalie’s house. Her mom Cindy had a surprise for everyone that day… a ten week old shit zhu puppy!!!


Isn’t he so adorable??!!?


Owen, Owie, O-baby, Lil’ Bink… whatever you call him, he’s such a sweet pup!

What are all of you up to on Christmas Eve Eve?