Instead of blogging…

Posted by Nicole

… I’ve been enjoying life in the beautiful Almaden Valley.

almaden valley

… I’ve been back in the kitchen helping Lauren make cupcakes.

gingerbread cupcakes

… I’ve been hanging with my two best friends, Jessi and Cassie.

jessi cassie

… I’ve been dressing up for holiday parties, and of course throwing up the DG pose when given the chance.


… I’ve been poppin’ champagne to celebrate reunions with high school friends.

popping champagne

… I’ve been cooking some wonderful food! I can’t wait to share details about our delicious Christmas Eve and Christmas Day eats.


… I’ve been shopping in the city and trying to keep warm (I miss the LA sunshine!)

christmas union square tree

… I’ve been taking pictures with my beautiful new Canon Rebel T3i! Best Christmas surprise ever!


… I’ve been loving all of the family time!


… I’ve been putting my mind in the gutter while playing Cards Against Humanity. This “adult Apples to Apples game” is the best. Plus, all of the laughing burns calories from dinner, second dinner, dessert, second dessert, third dessert, etc…..

cards against humanity

Some things that I haven’t been doing: studying, going to class, doing to dance practices, and working out in general. Since the 3 mile run on the 21st, I haven’t even thought about exercise until today. The fitness break was nice, but I kind of feel like I lost all of the muscle in my body! It’s weird how a few days off will have you feeling like that.

Today I finally got a workout in: 4 mile run, 25 mins on the bike, and some random strength exercises. I was relieved that I didn’t lose “all of the muscle in my body.”

It’s not all back to normal clean eating and working out though. I’m not freaking out about going back to my mostly clean diet. I’m currently snacking on rice krispie treats and waiting for my friends to come over. That’s the way the holiday break should be!

Winter break is so wonderful so far — full details about Christmas Eve and Christmas Day coming soon!

– Nicole

Question: What was your favorite Christmas present this year?

Question: How big of a priority do YOU think blogging is during break?

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  1. Colleen @ Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill

    I think the quality of blog posts is so much more important than the quantity. During break, I try to do everything that I don’t have time for during the semester–sometimes that means blogging, but sometimes that means going out for drinks with friends!
    Colleen @ Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill recently posted..Holiday SoireesMy Profile

  2. Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers

    I’m ALSO very interested in these Cards Against Humanity. The one thing I think more often than anything whilst playing Apples to Apples is “Damn, I wish this was more offensive and less appropriate.”

    As far as blogging in GENERAL, I think that living life is FAR more important than blogging about it (unless, of course, your livelihood and income are sourced from blogging. Then, by all means, type away.) But I’d rather see one fantastic, heartfelt, funny or important post over a break or afterwards than silly “puff pieces” about a) Christmas breakfast b) Christmas workout (12 MILES FOR THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS WAHOOOO!) and c) Christmas Dinner all on the same day.

    Just saying.
    Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers recently posted..New Year, New GenerationMy Profile


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