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Question: How many stops did I take on the way from Mountain View to Yorba Linda?

20121230 183207 How many stops?

Stop 1: AMPM for gas 5 miles from my house… 5 minutes and $55 later….

Stop 2: Starbucks in Morgan Hill for breakfast (spinach egg wrap) and coffee

20121230 184030 How many stops?

Stop 3: Krizia’s parents’ house to pick her up and take advantage of a Christmas tree photo opp!

20121230 183938 How many stops?

Stop 4: Drove to Salinas with Krish and waited for our friends in Monterey to pick us up! Clay, Aubree, and Tyler drove up a few minutes later and we packed up the car. Clay had awesome road trip snacks for all of us (beef jerky, cheez-it’s, wheat thins, and cheez whiz… Try combing them for something magical!)

20121230 190635 How many stops?

Stop 5: Bathroom and candy stop in Greenfield (central valley)

20121230 183824 How many stops?

Clay is the best for driving! Thanks!!

Stop 6: SAN LUIS OBISPO!!! (you know it was bound to happen)

20121230 184516 How many stops?

Lunch at SLO Brewing Co. and 2 quarters of the 49er game!

20121230 190424 How many stops?

20121230 184528 How many stops?

The veggie and hummus platter called to me. Over the past week I think I went out to breakfast/lunch/dinner 90% of the time. I need to work on that in 2013!

20121230 184540 How many stops?

Beer flights split among Krish + Clay and Aubree + Tyler. I chose a full pint of Honey Blonde!

Stop 6: Bathroom and gas stop in Ventura. The freakiest thing happened: while in line, a guy wearing a robber ski mask said “everybody get down!” My stomach flipped and then a millisecond later he started to laugh and took off his mask. Frickin hoodlums.

Stop 7: LA traffic. Ok I guess that isn’t technically a stop, but it seemed like it should be!

20121230 190437 How many stops?

Stop 8: the final stop… Kerry and Jacquelyn and Ashley’s new house!! They surprised us with an electronica light saber dance welcome thing and fireball shots! Such a great welcome :) We are at sake/sushi right now…. What a classy New Years Eve Eve!!

20121230 213741 How many stops?

Loved my ahi-ahi roll!

20121230 214612 How many stops?

Crazy defa vu because last NYEEE we did sushi and sake bombs. I guess it’s same ol’ same ol’ around here.

Question: what’s your most memorable road trip?

I’d say Illinois to California with my cousin Aaron! That was loooong….



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  1. Haha, these all seem like pretty darn good reasons to stop! Hope you have an incredible New Year’s Eve/day. :)
    Olivia @ Life As Liv recently posted..It’s About Vloggin’ TimeMy Profile

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