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Nicole’s done a fantastic job of recapping our Christmas Eve dinner with our mom’s family and Christmas day happenings with our dad’s family… thanks, sister. Where would this blog be without you?! ;)

The few days before Christmas were a little lazy on my part (I discovered the show Revenge. OMG.) but now that XMAS has come and gone, I’m actually getting out of the house! The great thing about the holidays is that a lot of people return “home” – friends from kindergarten, middle school, high school…. and I’ve seen em’ all! Sort of.

Kindergarten – 8th grade

1 IMG 7817 Reunions Galore

On Thursday night I met Meredith, Vivian, and Sophia for dinner at the San Pedro Square Market in downtown San Jose. We invited a bunch of other people, but just the four of us could make it. It was my first time at the market and I marveled at the 20+ vendors selling all types of products and food. Did I want a few unique tacos? Wood-fired pizza? Breakfast hot dog? I eventually picked a deliciously salty chicken shawarma salad from Robee’s Falafel. HIT the spot. Can’t wait to go back for something else!

1 IMG 7797 Reunions Galore

The four of us concluded that we need to really get everybody back together. I’m lucky that Sophia and I keep in touch with our monthly dinners, and Meredith is in my fantasy football league (rest easy folks, it’s over and I won’t talk about it anymore (unless you want me to of course)), but I miss everyone else. Our school was exceptionally small and everyone knew each other so well.

1 2012 12 028 Reunions Galore

High School

1 IMG 7819 Reunions Galore

As I left my elementary school friends, I got a text from Natalie asking me to stop by. She promised cookies, wine, a cute puppy to snuggle with, and Vanessa (who I haven’t seen since Thanksgiving). I drove there straight away and we all had a chance to catch up, talk some Real Housewives smack, and then watch the Food Network. I love those girls. We missed Sarah and Katie though!!

1 IMG 7820 Reunions Galore

Owen was such a fluffy, tired pup by the time I showed up!

1 IMG 7815 Reunions Galore



1 IMG 7798 Reunions Galore

On Wednesday and Friday I spent time with two of my favorite girls, Kerry and Krizia, in San Francisco. They’ve popped up a bunch on the blog, but the gist of it is that we all lived together in college (plus Fran!) and we have something to prove it. On Wednesday we went to dinner at the ever fabulous Pizzeria Delfina on 18th Street, then out to Amnesia (loved!) and Beauty Bar (eh.) before our very own sleepover. On Friday we went to bottomless mimosa brunch at Radish on 19th Street. So much to do in the Mission, so little time. I’m keeping those foodie adventures for a separate post.

1 IMG 7824 001 Reunions Galore

Right now I’m off to southern California to reunite with more college friends and ring in the New Year mayan masquerade style. I’ve got a loooooong drive ahead of me so please entertain me with a story about a friend you caught up with over break!



7 Responses to Reunions Galore

  1. What an incredible time with friends! I love catching up with people you haven’t seen in a while. Especially over good food. :) Have fun at the mayan masquerade!! That sounds like it’s going to be a ballin’ party. ;)
    Olivia @ Life As Liv recently posted..It’s About Vloggin’ TimeMy Profile

  2. YESSS! see you soon! travel safe!
    francesca lee recently posted..2012 flashback… part 1My Profile

  3. Sugar Coated Sisters says:

    wahhhhh this makes me miss my friends :(
    my best memory was probably last week when Cassie and I were dancing by ourselves and gettin’ super ghetto. good times

  4. Jacqueline says:

    We just randomly drove by San Pedro’s yesterday. It looks really neat, and I can’t wait to go back & check it out.
    P.S that salad looks amazing!!
    Jacqueline recently posted..Beach day & driving down highway 1My Profile

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