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Deal Me In

Posted by Lauren

After documenting all my eats for WIAW, I boycotted food photography yesterday. Not like you haven’t seen my oat bran, cafeteria soup, and nutrigrain bars before, right? What I really need to do is take a photo of the 34 fun size chocolate bars my coworker Joe shoots at my desk (he aims for my coffee cup, regardless of how full it is!) – I’ll occasionally eat one of the Mr. Goodbars since they are right there and all.

mr. goodbar gif

Anywho, today I’m going to talk about recent workouts and brag a little about Nicole’s awesome Christmas gift she gave me!

After Saturday’s half marathon (1:42 and change) I kept it easy Sunday afternoon with 45 minutes on the stationary bike and then busted out this nifty deck of fitness cards Nicole gave me for Christmas. Ta Da!



This FitDeck includes 50 exercise cards that target either the upper, middle, lower, or full body. Each card has repetition suggestions for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users as well as detailed diagrams and instructions on how to properly complete the move. I’ve tried Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp and Jamie Eason’s Livefit Trainer in the past, but the thing that always annoyed me? Looking up what a donkey press is and how to not look like an ass doing it. Hee hee, get it? With this deck, I have 50 exercises at my fingertips and can easily see how to do them right. Plus, I can shuffle them up for instant variety!



On Sunday, I read through each card, shuffled them rigorously, and then drew 10 cards at random (that photo disappeared from my photo library). The 10 included two wild cards – “repeat last card” and “double next card.” Nicole knows that I have very low “strength workout” patience, so the variety and ease of completing just 10 cards helped me get through a quick bodyweight sesh without going crazy. Plus, those 10 minutes left me sore all of Monday! I’m so weak. LOL.

I rested on Monday. Ate a bunch of food on Tuesday. And then went back to the gym on Wednesday for a decent progression run (gradually increased my pace to finish faster than I started):

  • 5 minute walking warm up on incline
  • run to 1 mile: 7.2 (pace 8:20)
  • … to mile 2: 7.3
  • … to mile 3: 7.4 (pace 8:06)
  • … to mile 4: 7.5
  • … to mile 5: 7.6 (pace 7:54)
  • … to mile 5.5: 7.7
  • … to mile 6: 7.8 (pace 7:42)
  • … to mile 6.5: 7.9
  • … to mile 7: 8.0 (pace 7:30) **took picture**
  • 5 minute walking cool down



Afterwards I went into the stretching room and dealed out 10 cards. I ended up with 4 middle body cards, 2 upper body, 2 lower body, and 1 full body card. Ten minutes later I felt like I had done something productive outside of the cardio realm. Progress!



I can’t wait to use these cards on a weekly basis to keep things random!


After Wednesday night’s workout, I showered and quickly ate a simple dinner of baked chicken and oven roasted veggies with rice. Kyle and I had awesome evening plans – Trivia Night at St. Stephen’s Green in Mountain View with Kit and Adrienne!!!


I went with a Stella, shared an order of sweet potato fries with Kyle, and then followed up with an Anchor Steam.



The trivia questions were much easier than the questions at Sports Page! We did really well during the Super Bowl and song recognition sections, but we bombed round 4. They announced 1st – 3rd place winners and I bet you a dollar we got 4th place…. ha.

Question: Can you answer this trivia question’s missing song lyrics? Name that song!


I love Styx and freaked out when they played this song! Finally, I could actually contribute to the music questions (my biggest weakness).


WIAW 1/30: Gravity Wine Bar, Palo Alto

Posted by Lauren

Today was an atypical Tuesday at work – we exercised both sides of the brain, delved into the difference between Product Managers and Product Owners, did some team bonding, and ran around the Stanford campus with GPS devices on a scavenger hunt!

Let’s get to the WIAW awesomeness, shall we? Check out other entries over on Jenn’s link-up.

8:30 AM – Breakfast


Coffee, fruit, some coffee cake; then I went back for crunchy granola to snack on during some of the photo exercises….


12:15 PM – Lunch


First, I grabbed sandwich supplies (no bread) and made lettuce rolls with roast beef, sprouts, red onion, pickles, and pepperoncini.


After that, I went back to the “food corner” of the conference room for a bag of baked BBQ Lays, a sugar cookie, and some fruit….


At 2 PM we finished up with part one of our team offsite and then drove to Stanford University in Palo Alto for part two.

I had no idea what to expect! Our group of 6 split into three teams of 2 and learned the rules of the scavenger hunt: earn points for correctly solving clues that can only be reached by following a GPS signal.


Phil and I teamed up and decided to cover more ground by running (he clearly knows I’m a little competitive and that I appreciate interval sprints). We gained a few bonus points for taking pictures with people on campus (thank you group of German photographers for being so helpful). I can only imagine what the Stanford students thought when they saw us running around with a yellow GPS device!


After we counted the points (pssst Phil and I won!) all of us drove to downtown Palo Alto for a team dinner!


Gravity Bistro & Wine Bar

544 Emerson Street, Palo Alto

6:00 PM – Dinner


Cheese plate, pâté (love !!!), charcuterie, assorted breads – enjoyed them all, especially the various types of cheeeeese.

Plus I had my first oyster…. EVER. What took me so long?!!?


Bottle on left we shared during appetizers. Bottle on right we shared during dinner. Both were mighty tasty and made in California :)


For my main entree (because wine, oysters, cheese, bread, and pâté wasn’t enough) I chose the special of the day: grilled ahi tuna, lentils, grapefruit, baby onions, and an arugula salad. All the individual elements sounded good when the server described the dish, but it didn’t come together as well as I’d hoped. I blame the lentils.


7:30 PM – Dessert Time!

The 6 of us split 3 desserts: blackberry-brandy bread pudding (left) and chocolate budino with vanilla ice cream (right)…..


And profiteroles with coffee ice cream in the center!!


All the food was amazing, but if I go back I’ll likely stick with just a wine flight and appetizers… And maybe dessert ;)

Question: Have you ever done a GPS-based scavenge hunt? Or have you heard of geocahing?



Posted by Nicole

I wanted a cool title instead of “8 Random Things” and decided to research the number 8. I didn’t find a fun idea for a title, but I did find some interesting facts about the number 8 (source)

  •  In cooking recipes, there are approximately 8 pinches to a teaspoon.
  • There are eight known B vitamins that play important roles in cell metabolism.
  • A polyhedron with eight faces is an octahedron.
  • 8 is a lucky number in Chinese culture because it sounds like the word “prosper”. When Chinese businessmen stay in a hotel, they would rather choose rooms with numbers such as: 8, 38, 78, 88, 108 and so on.

Cool stuff. Ok moving on:

1. The SAG Awards happened about 0.1 mile from my apartment on Sunday night. I pushed through the crowd of spectators and paparazzi on my way to the gym. In preparation for the Pasadena Rock ‘n Roll half that I’m running in three weeks, I figured I should maybe try and run for more than a few miles. I ended up doing 7 miles on the treadmill at about a 9:23 pace. Not too shabby considering my legs were SO sore from the hike on Saturday. But still, the idea of running 13.1 is a scary, scary thought.

sag awards

2. Speaking of working out, I’m going to try incorporating morning workouts into my daily schedule because going late at night is a pain sometimes. That is, with two exceptions: not on the mornings of my 8 AM class and not on mornings after I go out… because honestly, that just won’t happen. Yesterday was my first successful morning day. Hopefully this lasts.

3. I haven’t had oatmeal in weeks and the bowl I had yesterday hit the spot! I think it was the raisins. Also, golden raisins are just so much more special than the normal ones, right? Still loving egg whites also.

egg whites oatmeal

4. Yesterday, I cooked! I had a lot of veggies taking up space in the fridge so I figured it was due time to roast them up. Carrots, celery, eggplant, zucchini, and spices.


5. I also used the rest of a bag of chopped kale to make kale chips. These were so simple! I used nutritional yeast and sea salt to add flavor, and roasted the greens for about 10 minutes at 400 F.

kale chips nutritional yeast

6. Still going out and still loving it. A lot of students say that fall semester is more fun because of football season, but I would beg to differ. Spring semester is off to a great start!


7. I may or may not have worn my Lulu leggings to class yesterday and today. They are just so comfy… and hopefully socially acceptable. Either way, I can’t stop won’t stop.

8. I can’t believe it’s almost February! February is the last month of dance practices and basketball games. Craziness!

– Nicole

Question: Any good kale chip recipes?

Question: If you are in college / when you were in college – did you like fall semester or spring semester better?

Sharks Sandwich

Posted by Lauren

Nicole is right, our blog really is about Food, Fitness, and Friends…. and I’m so proud of her for exploring LA and buying food from an actual restaurant. That thrifty college student is growing up!

Hey readers, do you want my Shark Sandwich Recipe? Trust me, it’s a fun one!

shark sandwich


  • San Jose Sharks Game 2
  • Other Stuff: chinese takeout, baked mac n cheese, blueberry banana pancakes, wedding cake, cheeseburger…..
  • San Jose Sharks Game 3

Combine all, in that order. Serve and enjoy!

After the Coyote Hills half marathon (so fun!!!) I had the opportunity to go with friends to the San Jose Sharks’ second home game. :)


In the photo above you’ll see Sean (he acquires the remarkable seats), his pal Alex, and my roommate Kevin. We all carpooled to the game and I told them all about the race. I was on an intense runner’s high.


We sat in the 7th row, which is a prime spot to ogle the talented SJ Sharks (especially my favorite #39 Logan Couture). Marleau continued his amazing streak and made 2 goals in the game, bringing his 4 game total to 8 freaking goals.


The game was awesome! Greiss let zero goals through and the Avalanche retreated to Colorado with a shutout loss. MUAHAHA I love it.


We chatted with Adrienne and Kit during the second intermission and somehow the topic of hiking came up (specifically when we did Yosemite Falls in June 2011). That was a beautifully brutal hike!!




When I got home, I immediately reheated some leftover Chinese food my roommate brought home from a work meeting. Thanks Tejo! Then I wrote the race recap and I was already hungry again. I guess talking about a half marathon makes you as hungry as running one. Kyle shared some baked mac n cheese with me, which had ground turkey and green chilies in it (quite tasty). I passed out soon after that – it was a long day!

Sunday I woke up on the early side and drove to Los Gatos to meet my mom for breakfast at the ever-popular Southern Kitchen (27 E Main Street, Los Gatos).

southern kitchen los gatos 01

Someone had a wild night (hint: not me) so it was great to swap stories over hearty food. We instantly ordered coffee and then looked over the menu. My mom chose the Avocado Eggs Florentine off the Specials chalkboard (two poached eggs, spinach, hollandaise sauce, on an English muffin with hash browns on the side). I went with the blueberry banana pancakes and stole a few bites from my mom’s plate. The pancakes were almost toooooo good. As in: “I should really stop but my fork has a mind of its own”

southern kitchen los gatos 02

With full bellies, we carpooled to Santa Cruz to go to a wedding convention on the beach boardwalk!


There were tons of vendors showing off their flower arrangements, catering, entertainment, photography, and DJ skills. Also, there were about 11 different cake artists giving out cake and cupcake samples. Even though my mom and I were super full from breakfast, we couldn’t help but enjoy lots of those cake samples. Next time I’m going on an empty stomach!


One of my favorite parts was when the vendors would start “selling” to me, and I’d be like “uhhhh… SHE is the one getting married.” We had so much fun there and even booked something top-secret that the guests will LOVE.

My mom dropped me off at my car in Los Gatos and I drove straight to the gym in Mountain View. After 45 minutes of stationary bicycle riding and some bodyweight exercises, I got a text from my step-mom about the Sharks game starting in an hour. They had an extra ticket so I immediately changed into jeans and booked it to downtown San Jose.


My grandma Nancy has four season tickets and at the last minute my uncle Larry decided not to go. Score! I met my grandma, step-sis Katie, and uncle Darran at Peggy Sues Diner and quickly ate half a cheeseburger (you bet I added those pickles first) before walking to the arena.


Isn’t Katie’s hat awesome? Love that girl.


The Sharks had another killer game, winning 4-1 against the Vancouver Canucks. There were three amazing fights (one before the game even started!), Clowe had 8 penalties called against him, and Marleau broke his 2 goals/game streak with only ONE goal. I guess you can’t do it all Patrick?


This weekend was beyond amazing and I am so grateful for the opportunity to run a beautiful race, go to multiple Sharks home games, and spend quality time with my mom.

Question: What was the highlight of your weekend? (I feel like I ask this question a lot, but I really love reading your answers!!)