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7 Random Things

Posted by Nicole

Happy New Year! Here’s a quick list of random things that have been going on in my world.

1. I finally got some wunder unders from lululemon. I”m in love!


2. Remember how I got bags and bags of cereal from the sorority house before winter break? I put the rice, wheat, and corn Chex to good use and made muddy buddies with Christmas sprinkles for extra flair. I took them to the New Year’s Eve party last night and they disappeared pretty quickly.

muddy buddies christmas

3. I’m going to miss the Bay Area. It’s so beautiful here.

almaden sky

4. On New Year’s Eve morning, I convinced my mom to join me for a 7 AM workout. I ran 5 miles, went home, showered, grabbed an apple, got a facial (thanks for the present, sis!!!), got my hair highlighted, and then finally came home for lunch. It was definitely a day of primping!


5. As for my New Year’s Eve plans, I ended up going to a party at my stepfamily’s house. The night involved champagne, but not the fancy stuff like this bottle of Cristal I found in our fridge. I think my mom is saving it for my 21st on March 8th… right? ;)

cristal champagne

6. After lounging around for a few hours, we kicked off the New Year in a healthy way with a hike at Almaden Quicksilver. I split up from my mom and David at a few different points because I wanted to run, but did manage to hike with them for a couple miles. In total, I covered 9 miles and ran 6 of them. Woo!

quicksilver hike quicksilver hike quicksilver reservoir quicksilver elevation

7. It’s dinner time! This was my appetizer and my first time having avocado toast. I’m a big fan :)

avocado toast

Ok, time to eat dinner with the family. It’s the last family dinner because I drive back to LA tomorrow morning :(

– Nicole

Join the 2012 Fun

Posted by Lauren

slocrew nye 2013

I just rang in the New Year with some of my best friends, but before I gush about our evening, I wanted to post about my absolute favorite (photographed) moments of 2012. I’ll admit, I got a little nostalgic after reading some great 2012 recaps and wanted to join the fun. I’ll keep it short and only mention things before November :)

HELICOPTERING THE BAY!!!!! lesson: Kyle is the best at choosing adventure surprises.


Vegas trip with my old company…. lesson: sometimes, let a company spoil you.


SLO trip in February…. lesson: wine tasting picnics with best friends will never get old.


Blogging with this one….. lesson: she’s the best blogger buddy


Convinced Kyle to join the Oakland relay team with Matt and Miranda….. lesson: we make a good team! 3rd place mixed!


Winefest with sorority sisters….. lesson: avoid typhoon weather while at an outdoor wine tasting event.


Lots of Giants games! lesson: the Giants are freaking amazing


Hollywood Half Marathon with Nicole (her first!)… lesson: Nicole has colorful language at mile 12 ;)


COSTA RICA WITH MY BEST FRIENDS! lesson: we need to go on more trips together!


Many rafting trips…. lesson: dig your toes in to the side of the raft, and you’ll be fine through almost any rapids

1-522251_10101089746750603_3202952_60351456_1189364189_n Portland RnR as an excuse to visit my BFF Katie… lesson: Pok Pok wings forever in my dreams.


BIG GIANT DONUT at Bob’s in San Francisco. lesson: BIG GIANT DONUT!


I moved to Mountain View in July! lesson: living 5 minutes from work is the best thing ever.


Seattle RnR aka my birthday aka my favorite people running/cheering/surprising/celebrating/eating/laughing the weekend away…. lesson: I’m a lucky girl to have such amazing family and friends.


And despite Costa Rica, Portland, Seattle, Vegas, I think the TRIP OF THE YEAR award goes to the Eurotrip Kyle and I went on for the Olympics. This post includes links to all the related posts if you want to read about it for some reason.









Women’s Marathon…. nuts.


Vegas for Megan’s bachelorette party…. lesson: go big or go home


Roller discos are so much fun! (esp. for Krizia’s bday) lesson: wear wrist guards!


Broken wrist because of said roller discoing… lesson: don’t let a cast stop you from doing anything


Three amazing weddings. Steve and Amy, Matt and Miranda, and Paul and Megan! lesson: more people need to invite me to their weddings, I had so much fun at all of them!


Kinda fell in love with watching sports and rooting for my favorite teams (Cal Poly football, USC football and basketball, SF 49ers, SF Giants….) lesson: life goes on without NHL and the Sharks :(

1-IMG_5636 1-IMG_5674

More friend ink…. lesson: infinity <3


The entire family got together to celebrate the life of Grandma Marie. It was a beautiful, sad, happy, somber weekend.


Another weekend at USC to visit Nicole and run the Malibu half marathon…. lesson: I love my little sister and am so proud of her!


Question: What was the highlight of your YEAR??