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Hello everyone! I’m back at work today after a glorious holiday break. It’s strange going in to the office after so many days away, but I’m excited to get back to “normal.” My definition of normal includes regular exercise (I vacationed in Lazy Town), prepped lunches for the week, and WIAW participation!

wiawphotobutton WIAW 1/2: Pizzeria Delfina + Radish, SF
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Last WEDNESDAY (December 26th) I took the train up to San Francisco to hang out with my college roommates Kerry and Krizia. Kerry is a deal queen and found $1 bus rides from SoCal to San Francisco. As soon as I heard she was visiting, I sent both girls a list of restaurants in the Mission district I was eager to try….

1 IMG 7779 WIAW 1/2: Pizzeria Delfina + Radish, SF

We started the night off with some Red Hook ESBs and metal puzzles (the kind you have to untangle). Kerry won the puzzle solving contest, FYI.

We tossed the metal toys aside and hopped on the slow moving 49 bus…

1 IMG 7781 WIAW 1/2: Pizzeria Delfina + Radish, SF

A bajillion stops later, we were a few blocks from our destination!

1 IMG 7787 WIAW 1/2: Pizzeria Delfina + Radish, SF

Pizzeria Delfina

3611 18th Street, San Francisco 94110

1 IMG 7805 WIAW 1/2: Pizzeria Delfina + Radish, SF

This well-loved pizzeria gets packed and doesn’t take reservations. You get there and add your name to the list and wait outside with everyone else. Insider Tip: If you stand in the little alcove between Pizzeria Delfina and neighboring Delfina, you can drink legally. We did just that and ordered this bottle of wine while we waited 30 minutes for an inside table.

1 IMG 7807 WIAW 1/2: Pizzeria Delfina + Radish, SF

The wine wasn’t spectacular, but it did help us pass the time outside. We struggled for about 15 minutes trying to think of Cam’s partner’s name on Modern Family, guessing every name under the sun. After a Google search, I will never forget that the correct name is Mitchell.

1 IMG 7808 WIAW 1/2: Pizzeria Delfina + Radish, SF

The inside of Pizzeria Delfina is intimate but very unique, with tall ceilings, a hip mural and bright white tiles. I sat facing the dizzying mural of SF, which winds from the Bay Bridge to the streets of outer SF neighborhoods to the Financial District to the Golden Gate Bridge and out to the SF Bay. Super fly.

Their pizzas represent a marriage of Neapolitan and New York styles, with the main focus on local, seasonal ingredients. In fact, half the menu is printed and permanent, and the other half has dotted lines with handwritten options that change from day to day.

1 IMG 7809 WIAW 1/2: Pizzeria Delfina + Radish, SF

We ordered the Margherita pizza – tomato, fior di latte mazzarella, basil – with Hen of the Woods mushrooms. We all really enjoyed this pizza, but nobody was oohing and aahing over it.

1 IMG 7811 WIAW 1/2: Pizzeria Delfina + Radish, SF

Since meatballs are still my favorite restaurant food, we selected the Neopolitan Meatballs in Sugo (impermanent menu item, folks). These were baseball-sized and extremely juicy/moist/tender/[insert awkward adjective here]. Loved!

1 IMG 7813 WIAW 1/2: Pizzeria Delfina + Radish, SF

Krizia and I convinced Kerry to split the Brussels Sprouts with Ricotta Crostino (and that b-sprouts aren’t the completely icky food she remembers from her childhood). Another solid pick, but a bit unnecessary at that point since the pizza and meatballs were quite filling!

After dinner we stopped by two bars. Absinthe gets two thumbs up.

1 IMG 7804 WIAW 1/2: Pizzeria Delfina + Radish, SF

Great live music and intriguing soju cocktails…

1 IMG 7803 WIAW 1/2: Pizzeria Delfina + Radish, SF

Beatuy Bar gets one thumb down. Even the photo booth couldn’t make up for the… uh… everything. HA! We still had fun though :)

1 IMG 7798 WIAW 1/2: Pizzeria Delfina + Radish, SF

Friday morning I returned to the city, this time for brunch!

1 IMG 7828 WIAW 1/2: Pizzeria Delfina + Radish, SF

The three of us went back to the Mission neighborhood, but we had Kerry’s boyfriend, Matt, join us!

1 IMG 7829 WIAW 1/2: Pizzeria Delfina + Radish, SF


3465 19th Street, San Francisco 94110
Website - Yelp

1 IMG 7832 WIAW 1/2: Pizzeria Delfina + Radish, SF

This time, Kerry picked the place. She found a spot offering bottomless mimosas on a weekday. Matt and I picked the blood orange variety, while Krizia and Kerry went for the original. They tasted the same to me.

1 IMG 7833 WIAW 1/2: Pizzeria Delfina + Radish, SF

We slowwwwwly ate our breakfasts and refilled the mimosa pitchers 3 or 4 times?

1 IMG 7850 WIAW 1/2: Pizzeria Delfina + Radish, SF

My breakfast: Migas - scramble of egg, onion, bell pepper, cheddar cheese, and tortilla strips. Served with avocado, pickled jalapenos, corn tortillas, and hash (or fruit or greens).

I totally loved my breakfast, but honestly everything that came out of the kitchen looked amazing. For example, Krizia’s Biscuit Benny – two poached eggs, ham, and hollandaise on a house-made biscuit. Thanks for sharing a few bites with me :)

1 IMG 7851 WIAW 1/2: Pizzeria Delfina + Radish, SF

Restaurants like Pizzeria Delfina and Radish make me want to move to the Mission right away. You wouldn’t guess it from walking around the “colorful” streets, but there are SO MANY fancy restaurants to try. Plus, it’s the taqueria capital of Northern California – the best of both worlds.

I’d also like to note that after mimosas, there were some shenanigans. Kyle took the train up to SF and met us around 2 PM. We dropped Kerry and Matt off at the bus station around 5 PM, and then Kyle, his roommate Darrin, Krizia, and I went to Thirsty Bear in SoMa for a few brews.

1 IMG 7852 WIAW 1/2: Pizzeria Delfina + Radish, SF

Those pictures didn’t turn out well. This post is already too long. Sorry!

1 IMG 7854 WIAW 1/2: Pizzeria Delfina + Radish, SF

Question: What’s your favorite meal to go out for? Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert, 4th meal?



4 Responses to WIAW 1/2: Pizzeria Delfina + Radish, SF

  1. What delicious eats! You know, I don’t think I’ve ever ordered meatballs at a restaurant. For whatever reason, I just never really thought to. After hearing they’re your favorite thing to order at a restaurant and seeing how yummy the meatballs at the pizza place looked, I’m going to have to order my first soon!
    Olivia @ Life As Liv recently posted..Adios, 2012.My Profile

  2. I totally agree- it’s a little weird to be back at the office and back in the swing of things! Sounds like your time off was great! I haven’t been that Delfina- but I’ve been to the one in Pac Heights and it’s delish! And ohh Radish has been on my “must-try” list for a while- it looks like an amazing brunch spot!
    Emily @ Glitz GLam Granola recently posted..2012 Wrap UpMy Profile

  3. Heather says:

    I live in SF and LOVE radish. It is my favorite breakfast spot by far – the eggs on a biscuit are amazing. Their lunch is equally as great. Good call on going there!
    Heather recently posted..2012 – What a Year!My Profile

    • Sugar Coated Sisters says:

      crazy case of small world just happened when i clicked over to your blog! (left a comment on one of your old posts about the connection) and yes, the biscuits looked and smelled amazing!

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