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Posted by Nicole

Last night was super exciting! It was the first Pac-12 men’s basketball game and we were stoked…. just check out the locker room shenanigans:

IMG_0174 trojan dance force

My mom was at this game and she sat right behind the dance team. (I guess she doesn’t like to look at my face?)

trojan dance force usc vs stanford basketball

It was such a close game, and in the last minute, the captain of the USC team scored two free throws. When the buzzer ran out, the crowd went wild and the dance team jumped up and down like we won a championship. It sure felt like we did, considering the recent football losses :/

usc vs stanford basketball

I was so glad that my mom was at this game because the crowd’s energy was probably the best of the season so far. Also, the team lost at the last game she attended, so it was nice for her to see what the SC team is capable of! AND AND AND we were on ESPN and the Pac-12 network. My friend Jessi sent me pictures of the game and you could see the back of my head. That makes me famous, right?

dance force

Ahh, it was such a good game! Hopefully Saturday night’s game vs. UC Berkeley is equally as exciting.

trojan dance force


As for today, nothing too wild happened. I woke up late, ate breakfast, watched the entire season of Traffic Light on Netflix (pretty good background show while reading blogs), snacked a lot, went to the gym, stopped by the grocery store, and made a smoothie…

green smoothie

I’ve had this mini blender for a year, but today was my first time taking it out of the box. I used a bag of $0.48 spinach that I got from the grocery store (I also got a $0.48 bag of red apples!!!), some plain Chobani, frozen berries, ice, and water. I blended bit by bit, and ended up using that entire bag of spinach. Such a good, and tasty, way to get those greens.

green smoothie

After my 5-8 PM dance practice, my mom and I went to a late dinner at Margarita Pizza Bar, conveniently located in between my apartment at the USC campus.

My mom started with a banana bread beer. She said it was okay, but not worth $7.

banana bread beer margarita pizza usc la banana bread beer margarita pizza usc la

Service was slow, but eventually we got our salads. I ordered the Goat Cheese Salad – baby spinach, warm goat cheese, marinated artichokes, sliced pears, roasted pine nuts, lemon olive oil, but I subbed the lemon olive oil for a side of bleu cheese dressing. I loved it, but there definitely weren’t any pine nuts. That’s okay though, the goat cheese and artichokes were perfectly warm and fresh. My mom ordered the Melon & Feta - fresh melon, cucumber, vine ripe tomato, feta cheeseShe commented that she wished it had some actual lettuce of spinach underneath the melons. The majority of her salad was taken as leftovers.

margarita pizza usc la

Now we are back at the apartment and it’s time for bed. I’m taking my mom to the airport tomorrow at 6 AM :( Boooooo.

– Nicole

Question: What’s your favorite sport “VICTORY!!!!!” moment?

5 x 5 with some Gnar

Posted by Lauren

Hello! Happy Friday Night! Just checking in quickly with 5 updates for you and 5 questions so that we can learn a little more about you :)

1. This is my Tahoe [ski lease] cabin in daylight. It has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a huge living room, and a kitchen already stocked with tasty food and snazzy drinks. I’m in love with it! Friends and family are welcome up any time! You just have to put $20 in the Gnar Jar.


Would you rather have a ‘vacation home’ near the beach, in the mountains, or near ski slopes? Why?

2. I was WFC (working from cabin) today while the guys skied. Our water was broken, so I got to be the one that let the plumber in. We now have water! At the end of the day, my computer showed me the Blue Screen of Death. Yikes! “Beginning dump of physical memory” What does that mean?!?!?!!!!!! Most of my stuff is on Norton Zone, so I’m not too worried about this memory dump, but still. WTF.



Have any of you seen a similar error? What’s your worst computer crash moment?

3. When the guys got back from their glorious day at Squaw Valley, they asked me to join them at Trout Creek Rec Center so they could go in the hot tubs. I didn’t pack a swimsuit, so I hit the cardio room instead. Um, running at 6200 feet is really hard. I also wasn’t expecting to be on a treadmill this weekend, so I ran without a sports bra (eek), a water bottle, and headphones. Needless to say, I only made it 30 minutes. Check out that snowy background!! :)



Do you ever run at a higher elevation than normal? Does it affect your speed?

4. Right now the guys are playing Tekken on xbox (snoooooze!) and I’m writing this blog post. We’ve got about six people on the way up, so it’ll turn into a packed house. Yes! I have ZERO video game know-how. I remember playing Top Gear on Super Nintendo and Animal Crossing on Game Cube, but that’s it. I was definitely more of a computer game kind of girl, preferring Age of Empires and Roller Coaster Tycoon.



Do you play video games? If so, what’s your favorite and on what game console do you play it?

5. My manager gave me a bottle of wine for Christmas. :) The 2009 cabernet sauvignon is from Justin Vineyards & Winery in Paso Robles (aka so close to where I went to college!) It’s absolutely delicious! Problem is, we don’t have any *big enough* wine glasses at the cabin to drink out of. I solved that problem with this snazzy root beer float mug. Notice the movie poster in the background, that’s G.N.A.R. The Movie – the motto and lifestyle my fellow cabinmates live by. Basically it’s about proving you are the best skier on the mountain by racking up gnar points.



What’s one activity or hobby that you would get the most “gnar points” for doing? (basically, what makes you feel like a badass that can tackle any challenge?)

K, we’ve got Shepherd’s Pie in the oven and more shenanigans to start. Signing off!

20130104-191042.jpg Love,
Luke, Kyle, and Lauren!


Ski Lease 2013

Posted by Lauren

Big news, guys. Kyle and I got a place!

tahoe cabin

With TWELVE other people!
In Tahoe.
Gotcha! ;)

I ran that joke by Kyle and he said “no one thinks you’re funny.”

Two winters ago, I joined a few friends and split a 4-month lease on a cabin in north lake Tahoe. Although the upfront cost is kinda high, there are so many benefits to being 1/12 of a ski lease. You only need to bring your ski gear up one time, you don’t have to deal with bargain hotel rooms, you have a full kitchen to cook with, and all your friends can stay in one place….. scenes from 2011:

scs ski lease

I loved being a part of the lease in 2011, but couldn’t commit last year due to a new job with limited PTO. That worked out just fine since the snow sucked. This year, however, I was eager to rejoin the ski crew! My dad taught me how to ski at a fairly young age and we made family trips up to the snow often. I attempted snowboarding once, but never caught on. I love to hit the slopes, glide through fresh powder, and experience the thrill of runs that might be a lil’ too dangerous. I like that feeling of looking over a steep precipice and just, doing it.

skiing dad lo 2

When in doubt, do the pizza and you’ll be fine. (This rule also applies to addressing hunger pains.)

skiing dad lo 1 Didn’t little kids in the 90s have the best ski suit color options? Anyways… get ready for a lot of Tahoe posts over the next 15 weeks!

After work, Kyle and I drove to Tahoe for our very first ski weekend of the season. Along the way we stopped at East Oakland’s Organic Choice.

organic choice food court oakland 01

Organic Choice

175 98th Ave, Oakland, CA 94603

Kyle gave me a few options as we drove north on 880. Chipotle or a “smoothie soup greek place with lots of options.” The latter sounded more unique, so that’s how we ended up at this curious spot called Organic Choice.

Essentially, it was similar to a “food court”, with stalls for smoothies, Mexican food, Greek food, crepes (and I think Chinese food). Their menu was basic, yet varied, with enough choices to satisfy everyone you’re with. Organic Choice serves up to 90% organic fruits and vegetables and their organic juices are made with only fresh fruit. They also have complimentary wi-fi for customers.

organic choice food court oakland 02 burrito

Kyle chose the chicken burrito and sliced it open.

organic choice food court oakland 08 salsa bar

The salsa bar was an unexpected, but nice, touch.

organic choice food court oakland 03 greek

I ordered the combo dinner plate, with beef and chicken gyro. It came with three slices of pita bread, salad, and rice dolmas.

organic choice food court oakland 05

We both enjoyed the burrito and Greek combo plate. Unfortunately, as you can see above, we were literally the only two people there. The restaurant was bright, clean, recently remodeled…. what gives? I’m sure the adjacent Subway was poppin’ with footlong fanatics. The guy who made our food was super helpful, nice, and thankful for our business.

Bottom Line: if you’re in the East Bay, please give this place a shot. It needs more patrons!

Question: Do you ski or snowboard? Have you ever? Why or why not?