Ski Lease 2013

Posted by Lauren

Big news, guys. Kyle and I got a place!

tahoe cabin

With TWELVE other people!
In Tahoe.
Gotcha! ;)

I ran that joke by Kyle and he said “no one thinks you’re funny.”

Two winters ago, I joined a few friends and split a 4-month lease on a cabin in north lake Tahoe. Although the upfront cost is kinda high, there are so many benefits to being 1/12 of a ski lease. You only need to bring your ski gear up one time, you don’t have to deal with bargain hotel rooms, you have a full kitchen to cook with, and all your friends can stay in one place….. scenes from 2011:

scs ski lease

I loved being a part of the lease in 2011, but couldn’t commit last year due to a new job with limited PTO. That worked out just fine since the snow sucked. This year, however, I was eager to rejoin the ski crew! My dad taught me how to ski at a fairly young age and we made family trips up to the snow often. I attempted snowboarding once, but never caught on. I love to hit the slopes, glide through fresh powder, and experience the thrill of runs that might be a lil’ too dangerous. I like that feeling of looking over a steep precipice and just, doing it.

skiing dad lo 2

When in doubt, do the pizza and you’ll be fine. (This rule also applies to addressing hunger pains.)

skiing dad lo 1 Didn’t little kids in the 90s have the best ski suit color options? Anyways… get ready for a lot of Tahoe posts over the next 15 weeks!

After work, Kyle and I drove to Tahoe for our very first ski weekend of the season. Along the way we stopped at East Oakland’s Organic Choice.

organic choice food court oakland 01

Organic Choice

175 98th Ave, Oakland, CA 94603

Kyle gave me a few options as we drove north on 880. Chipotle or a “smoothie soup greek place with lots of options.” The latter sounded more unique, so that’s how we ended up at this curious spot called Organic Choice.

Essentially, it was similar to a “food court”, with stalls for smoothies, Mexican food, Greek food, crepes (and I think Chinese food). Their menu was basic, yet varied, with enough choices to satisfy everyone you’re with. Organic Choice serves up to 90% organic fruits and vegetables and their organic juices are made with only fresh fruit. They also have complimentary wi-fi for customers.

organic choice food court oakland 02 burrito

Kyle chose the chicken burrito and sliced it open.

organic choice food court oakland 08 salsa bar

The salsa bar was an unexpected, but nice, touch.

organic choice food court oakland 03 greek

I ordered the combo dinner plate, with beef and chicken gyro. It came with three slices of pita bread, salad, and rice dolmas.

organic choice food court oakland 05

We both enjoyed the burrito and Greek combo plate. Unfortunately, as you can see above, we were literally the only two people there. The restaurant was bright, clean, recently remodeled…. what gives? I’m sure the adjacent Subway was poppin’ with footlong fanatics. The guy who made our food was super helpful, nice, and thankful for our business.

Bottom Line: if you’re in the East Bay, please give this place a shot. It needs more patrons!

Question: Do you ski or snowboard? Have you ever? Why or why not?


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  1. Sarah @Pickyrunner

    I used to have a ski suit just like that!! I would love to rent a ski house for a winter. That would be so much fun to do with all your friends! And cost-effective, in the long run. You’re going to love ittt :)
    Sarah @Pickyrunner recently posted..What’s wrong with your face?!My Profile

    1. Sugar Coated Sisters (Post author)

      aren’t the neon suits the best? especially the overall style ;) I’m going to try and make it as cost effective as possible! but that means sacrificing a LOT on the running front because ski legs = sore calves and sore calves = no running.

  2. Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola

    Omigosh how fun that you are getting a ski lease! I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures! I don’t really know how to ski but my friends and I are planning a Tahoe trip for February and are going to rent a house for the weekend! I’m so excited for a little getaway! And that’s so funny you went to Organic Choice- I always go to that parking lot to “wait it out” when I’m picking someone up from OAK and have always been intrigued by it but it’s never been open before! I’ll def give it a shot if it is next time!
    Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola recently posted..2012 Wrap UpMy Profile

    1. Sugar Coated Sisters (Post author)

      HAHA! Small world (re: Organic Choice). Definitely stop in the next time, the owner seemed so genuine and eager to serve more customers. When will you be in Tahoe in February? North or south shore?


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