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Last night was super exciting! It was the first Pac-12 men’s basketball game and we were stoked…. just check out the locker room shenanigans:

IMG 0174 Victory! IMG 0177 Victory!

My mom was at this game and she sat right behind the dance team. (I guess she doesn’t like to look at my face?)

IMG 0284 Victory! IMG 0286 Victory!

It was such a close game, and in the last minute, the captain of the USC team scored two free throws. When the buzzer ran out, the crowd went wild and the dance team jumped up and down like we won a championship. It sure felt like we did, considering the recent football losses :/

IMG 0182 Victory!

I was so glad that my mom was at this game because the crowd’s energy was probably the best of the season so far. Also, the team lost at the last game she attended, so it was nice for her to see what the SC team is capable of! AND AND AND we were on ESPN and the Pac-12 network. My friend Jessi sent me pictures of the game and you could see the back of my head. That makes me famous, right?

IMG 0179 Victory!

Ahh, it was such a good game! Hopefully Saturday night’s game vs. UC Berkeley is equally as exciting.

IMG 0185 Victory!

IMG 0184 Victory!

As for today, nothing too wild happened. I woke up late, ate breakfast, watched the entire season of Traffic Light on Netflix (pretty good background show while reading blogs), snacked a lot, went to the gym, stopped by the grocery store, and made a smoothie…

IMG 0187 Victory!

I’ve had this mini blender for a year, but today was my first time taking it out of the box. I used a bag of $0.48 spinach that I got from the grocery store (I also got a $0.48 bag of red apples!!!), some plain Chobani, frozen berries, ice, and water. I blended bit by bit, and ended up using that entire bag of spinach. Such a good, and tasty, way to get those greens.

IMG 0188 Victory!

After my 5-8 PM dance practice, my mom and I went to a late dinner at Margarita Pizza Bar, conveniently located in between my apartment at the USC campus.

My mom started with a banana bread beer. She said it was okay, but not worth $7.

IMG 0189 Victory! IMG 0191 Victory!

Service was slow, but eventually we got our salads. I ordered the Goat Cheese Salad – baby spinach, warm goat cheese, marinated artichokes, sliced pears, roasted pine nuts, lemon olive oil, but I subbed the lemon olive oil for a side of bleu cheese dressing. I loved it, but there definitely weren’t any pine nuts. That’s okay though, the goat cheese and artichokes were perfectly warm and fresh. My mom ordered the Melon & Feta - fresh melon, cucumber, vine ripe tomato, feta cheeseShe commented that she wished it had some actual lettuce of spinach underneath the melons. The majority of her salad was taken as leftovers.

IMG 0192 Victory!

Now we are back at the apartment and it’s time for bed. I’m taking my mom to the airport tomorrow at 6 AM :( Boooooo.

- Nicole

Question: What’s your favorite sport “VICTORY!!!!!” moment?


3 Responses to Victory!

  1. Mandie says:

    Hey, girl! I just found your blog via Chef Katelyn. I’m also a USC business student, so I was really excited to find someone like me blogging about healthy living (I used to have another blog, but I recently just started a new one). I’m so glad you enjoyed dancing for your first game of the season. You girls look great in the photos (wish I could have been there to support!). Thanks for keeping our teams spirits high :)
    Mandie recently posted..High-Protein Black Bean Brownies with Greek Yogurt FrostingMy Profile

  2. Congrats on the victory! It looks like soo much fun to be on the dance team. I have absolutely no rhythm, so I’ll stick to the sidelines. Green smoothies are my absolute favorite!! I’m glad you had a good dinner out with your mom :) By the way, Erin Condren was a DG at USC?! That is awesome!
    Megan @ runningonjava recently posted..Weekend updateMy Profile

  3. Ellen Yin says:

    YAY for a USC victory!! Can’t wait to go to basketball games! I really wanna go to the one against Berkeley. Yumm we went to Margaritas during orientation :) The smoothie you made looks really good! I should get a blender…I have this whole book of really easy to make, healthy smoothies that I got for Christmas that I’ll have to show you some time!

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