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A wave of sleepy just washed over me… Nothing a 6 PM cup of coffee can’t fix. We were on the slopes for 4.5 hours today and didn’t take a lunch break. I’ll get to that in a minute though!

After I posted last night, Ronnie set out a huge thing of shepherd’s pie for all of us:

20130105 180437 First Ski Day

And some salad with sesame ginger dressing:

20130105 180444 First Ski Day

Ricky, Ronnie, Bradley, Kyle and I sat down to a classy dinner with Mozart blasting (upon Ricky’s insistence) to set the mood. It was all very classy. Naturally, the conversation took a serious turn to the education system in America and what Ricky would do to solve it. The future principal had some great ideas!

20130105 181107 First Ski Day

After dinner, seven more lease-mates showed up and the real party started…

Card games.

20130105 181149 First Ski Day


20130105 181208 First Ski Day

Fog machine.

20130105 181602 First Ski Day

We had a fun night. :) In the morning we ate a combined 30 eggo waffles (2 blueberry for me – that’s clearly the best flavor) before suiting up for the drive to Squaw Valley.

20130105 182336 First Ski Day

It was packed! The season pass ticket holder line was extra long, but you only have to stand in it once :)

20130105 182557 First Ski Day

Mid 40s. Sunny skies. Absolutely gorgeous views. And decent snow to boot.

20130105 182917 First Ski Day

20130105 184300 First Ski Day

20130105 184314 First Ski Day

I’m pretty familiar with Squaw Valley, but we took two new-to-me lines that ended up being very challenging. Double black diamond moguls? Whoopsies.

20130105 184340 First Ski Day

I used my Garmin for the first time while skiing. I only started the gps while skiing downhill and had it auto pause when stopped. Our 4.5 hours at Squaw translated to one hour of actively skiing downhill and almost 15 miles. I can’t wait to see what pops up when I plug it in to my computer!

20130105 184815 First Ski Day

And now I leave you with my favorite photo from our last run of the day:

20130105 184755 First Ski Day



10 Responses to First Ski Day

  1. Gorgeous photo at the end, FYI.

    Bonus – Fun story: my first ski trip in I think over a decade is this Saturday. Luckily, I’m working for LS so I’m not necessarily going to feel obligated to ski if/when I realize I’m awful at skiing. Fingers crossed I don’t end up in a ditch.

    Maybe if I’m any good, I’ll save up some doll-hairs for the Gnar Jar.
    Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers recently posted..So Two Thousand and LateMy Profile

    • Sugar Coated Sisters says:

      oh jordan, every time you leave us a comment i end up laughing out loud. i’m sure you’ll do a fine job skiing this saturday, but if you have a case of the wobbly legs, avoid any ditches, trees, and ski lift poles. i’ll comp your gnar jar fee if it comes down to it! :)

  2. A house in Lake Tahoe with all your friends? What could be better?! Skiing is a blast, and a great workout too- especially since running/other forms of cardio are so difficult in the high altitudes! I haven’t been skiing anywhere but Colorado, but your photos are making me so jealous. Your views are beautiful!
    Megan @ runningonjava recently posted..Weekend updateMy Profile

  3. Looks like your first ski weekend was a success! That shepards pie looks amazing and the shenanigans of the night look like so much fun! Lasers and a fog machine? What what?! And omg 30 eggo waffles? I hope you guys have a costco pacK! Glad your day of skiing went well and that picture at the end is so beautiful!
    Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola recently posted..Scenes from the WeekendMy Profile

    • Sugar Coated Sisters says:

      we don’t have a costco pack but that’s such a good idea!! i’ll need to have someone snag a box next time they go to costco :)

  4. Tara says:

    Love the pics! I actually just learned to ski this weekend and now I can’t wait to go again. I fell a lot but I think the views totally made up for it.
    Tara recently posted..And we danced… in Colorado!My Profile

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