Tahoe to… Today?

Posted by Lauren

It just took me 9 tries to correctly spell my name on my iPhone because the “u” area was all sweaty. TMI? I’m at the gym and using the WordPress app while biking (50% of my posts start out this way). Alabama just scored their first TD (yes!!) while I was on the phone with Nicole. (p.s. She’s going to a really fun mixer tonight with dance team and promised to post photos!)

So I have a totally random post today…

Sunday’s pre-ski breakfast: one eggo with borrowed peanut butter


Kyle and I got ready for the slopes, packed our bags, ate breakfast, drove to Squaw, and stood in line for the Funitel 10 minutes before the lifts opened.


There was a tiny, fresh layer of snow from Sunday morning :)


Compared to Saturday’s crowd, Sunday made me feel like a special snowflake…. It was empty!


Kyle, one of the best snowboarders in our group, decided to ski this weekend. He hasn’t skied in 15 or 16 years but it must be like riding a bicycle or something because he had no trouble keeping up with me ;) ok, maybe a little trouble!


We were only there for 1.5 hours, actively skiing downhill for 24 minutes, but we went pretty far mile-wise. Basically, I got really cold and we needed to get back to the bay area early so Kyle could run errands and work on a few things.

*Alabama just got another TD!*


On the way home we stopped at the slowest Chipotle ever…. We were right next to an empty McD’s but agreed to wait out the Chipotle line. Wouldn’t you?

Blah blah blah…. boring night of groceries and cooking…. and season 1 of Revenge (love!)

Monday started out with a cup of coffee and cup of oat bran with chocolate protein powder.


My coworker was like “where is your nasty tupperware?” I guess it’s time I bring in a real bowl?

I went to the dentist after lunch (no pic needed for boring chicken and veggies but fyi I did prep lunches for the week – go me!) and he said I have a cavity. Ugh.

Workout: 3 mile run with 0.25 mile warm up and cool down. I kept the pace and distance easy since my calves are screaming from the ski weekend.


I finished up with some ab work and 40 minutes on the bicycle, which are now officially done. The BCS game score is still 14-0!

Do you follow college football? What is your favorite place to stop for food while on a road trip?


Comments (4)

  1. francesca lee

    YES! So glad that Alabama shut down Notre Dame! muahahaha.

    Sounds like fun! Looks like I need to visit you soon ;)
    francesca lee recently posted..Happy mondayMy Profile

    1. Sugar Coated Sisters (Post author)

      yes. please visit right now fran. :) tahoe > orchesis weekend?

  2. Olivia @ Life As Liv

    I would have totally waited in that Chipotle line too, you’re not alone. I loosely follow college football but since my college (Georgia Tech), isn’t so good at football, it’s not something I’m extremely into.
    Olivia @ Life As Liv recently posted..Freedom from Perfection TuesdayMy Profile

    1. Sugar Coated Sisters (Post author)

      my college wasn’t very good at football either (cal poly san luis obispo)… the games attracted crowds smaller than most high school football games. but since nicole is at usc i’m now a usc football fan (something i thought would NEVER happen) haha


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