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It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve lasted posted on this little ol’ blog. I guess it’s time to recap the past couple of days with some random photos and blurbs…

Saturday – I dropped my mom off at the airport in the early morning and couldn’t help but notice the beautiful view of downtown and the sunrise on my way back. Later that night, I danced at the USC vs. Cal game. We lost, which was a bummer, but two of my guy friends from San Jose were there to watch me dance! I always like actually knowing people in the audience. Afterwards, we partied and yaaaaaa…… It was fun! I love Bay Area people.

IMG 7065 Playing Catch Up IMG 7066 Playing Catch Up

Sunday – My first coffee since Christmas! I’m still loving coffee with sugar-free peppermint syrup, and I’m loving that the local Starbucks hasn’t run out of holiday cups yet. After coffee, I went to brunch with dance friends, fixed the rhinestones on my dance dress, and then went to dinner with a dance friend. Because few students are back at USC, I’ve been spending lots of time with my fellow Dance Force buddies. It’s lots of fun and hopefully they aren’t sick of me yet ;)

IMG 7067 Playing Catch Up

IMG 7077 Playing Catch Up

Monday – All this week, we have dance practice 10 AM – 1 PM. Because PAC-12 season is officially kicked off (last semester was considered “preseason”), we are finalizing some of our better dances that we’ve been saving. I’m excited for the rest of the games this year so we can whip the routines out! And just for kicks, a random photo of the sky? I don’t know.

IMG 7081 Playing Catch Up

Monday Night – Last night was super fun! Nika, one of the freshmen on the dance team, turned 19 so we had a bit of a birthday party.

IMG 7086 Playing Catch Up

We started the night at the dance captains’ house and then went to hangout with the basketball team.

IMG 7090 Playing Catch Up

Oddly enough, all 12 of the girls on our team were wearing boots, and of course we had to take a cheesy photo.

524652 10151214294100949 1331137813 n Playing Catch Up

The rest of the night can be explained by this snapchat…

IMG 7091 Playing Catch Up

Just kidding, we weren’t actually getting stacks of cash (sorry Mom, this probably makes no sense, and please don’t listen to that song). It was lots of fun, but we were all pretty tired at dance practice this morning. Sacrifices?

Hope your week is going well. My brain is still in winter break mode and I’m nervous about getting back to real life when classes start on Monday. Yikes.

- Nicole


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  1. I’m sure it’s hard to be back but nice that your days have been so full of dance stuff! I’m sure you are going to have an amazing season this year and you’ll have to load more pics of your dances! How funny that everyone was in boots too- that happened one day at book club- we were all in black pants and boots!
    Emily @ Glitz Glam Granola recently posted..What to Wear Wednesday: Bow BeltMy Profile

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