Bluebird Day + Fifty Fifty Brewing Co, Truckee

Posted by Lauren

On Friday I mentioned that I’d be attempting Nicole’s banana bread, but in muffin form. Her version is pretty healthy, but unfortunately I had to make a few substitutions and alterations since I was baking in our Tahoe cabin with no mixer of any kind. I got creative with a fork and mini spatula, used only whole wheat flour, subbed regular sugar instead of stevia, and I forgot the syrup.


They still turned out pretty good and I got to use some cupcake liners I got for Christmas! Score. While the muffins baked in the oven, Kyle and I enjoyed a quiet dinner of juicy Shake n’ Bake chicken with spicy carrots and onions on the side.


Bradley and Linda arrived at the cabin just as our Frank Sinatra playlist ended. That could have been awkward…… We spent the rest of our night playing games: a complicated 1987 board game called Fun City, the new-to-me card game Hearts, and one of my favorites, Asshole. More folks filtered in before I hit the hay: Christy, Alise, Jason, Todd, Jess, Pam, Cam, and the cutest little dog named Henry.

We all woke up on the early side Saturday (surprisingly) to beat the ski crowds.


I had a banana bread muffin (ate two Friday night) and scrambled eggs with salsa. Meanwhile, Bradley made a humongous stack of banana walnut pancakes. Too bad those hit the table after I finished breakfast.


That whole “wake up early so we can beat the crowds” thing didn’t work so well because of major traffic on our way to Squaw. At 10:15 we made it to our first lift and, luckily, the lines on the actual mountain were much smaller than the line into the parking lot.




I told Kyle that we had to take advantage of the sunny day and get over to the top of Emigrant for a “couple photo.” That chair has the best view of Lake Tahoe in all of Squaw. Photo succes.

We left around 1 PM to catch the start of the Broncos/Ravens game. Instead of heading back to the cabin, we drove to Fifty Fifty Brewing Co in Truckee.


I remember reading Kelli’s post about Fifty Fifty and their poor service, but I went in with an open mind (we were only ordering a few beers from the bar). Well, I might know why their service is spotty: the waitstaff and bartender took multiple tequila shots while on the job…. in plain sight of customers. Unprofessional.


Round One
Mine, left: Belgian Lipstick, a Belgian golden ale brewed with dark sour cherries
His, right: 4 Wheat, American hefeweizen brewed with (you guessed it) four types of wheat and orange peel.


LOVED THE BELGIAN LIPSTICK. Oh man, that was an interesting beer – totally smooth, briefly sweet with a lasting sour candy bite.

Round Two
Mine, left: CAPA, an American strong pale ale
His, right: Truckee Blonde


Neither of those impressed me, but I would like to go back and try the Eclipse (oak/bourbon barrel aged imperial stout) and maybe some food. This article sums up Fifty Fifty pretty well, so I’ll just redirect any interested folks to Bierkast.


p.s. I ate a LOT of Hot Tamales today….


We left the brewpub at half time and returned to the cabin for a night of more football, great snacks, lasagna, and multiple card games. Right now I am:

  • pretty sleepy… publish & snooze!
  • ecstatic the 49ers won!
  • stuffed…. lots of cabin junk food in me
  • upset the Broncos lost in double overtime!


Question: What’s your favorite card game? Spoons, Spades, Go Fish? What did you do this Saturday?


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  1. Sugar Coated Sisters (Post author)

    2. your post-breakfast meal jealousy reminds me of when mom made oatmeal and bagels after I had a lame bowl of cereal in Groveland a couple weeks ago
    3. definitely a couple photo success! Soraya remarked “they both have such white teeth!”
    4. dark sour cherries mmmm
    5. what I did this Saturday will be in my next post ;)
    – Nicole

  2. Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers

    This Saturday, I herded 50 socially-living folks to Bear Creek for artificially made snow, bumped my head while skiing the bunny slope, and ended the (LONNNNNG) day with chicken chili and chocolate cherry truffle wine. Not too shabby (minus the head bump).

    This Saturday, I’ll be knee-deep in Bean Town, so that’s some kinda wonderful.

    And I am craving some Mike & Ikes now (Tamales a little too spicy for “candy” for my tongue).
    Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers recently posted..One Last Chicago PostMy Profile

    1. Sugar Coated Sisters (Post author)

      Your LS job sounds like so much fun (minus the head bump of course)… I was never a fan of Mike & Ikes, I think because my dad’s name is Mike and that creeped me out as a kid.


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