Daily Archive: January 13, 2013

Low-Key Weekend

Posted by Nicole

Typing this post at 11:11 PM on Sunday night… it’s gonna be a quick one! Compared to the fun and wild Thursday and Friday, this weekend was much more relaxed. It has been a good two days to get everything organized before classes start on Monday. YIKES. Monday is tomorrow…

To avoid the fact that I’ll be sitting in lectures tomorrow, I’ll focus on the past two days.


On Saturday, I woke up, ate breakfast and then went to the gym for a little 3-mile “WAKE UP!” walk. Then I showered and got decent looking before heading to meet dance team. We drove to the Downtown Marriott for Southern California Hemophilia Education Day sponsored by The Hemostasis and Thrombosis Center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.


It was lots of fun to hangout with little kids and dance around with them. We started with a group stretch, then performed our dance to Timbaland’s “Hands in the Air,” and then taught the kids (and some parents) a couple 8-counts from the routine. I was surprised that some of the youngest kids were able to follow our dance moves!

Back at school, I hung out at the dance captain’s house, made her brew coffee for me (I’m a good friend), and eventually walked back to my apartment. Then I sat around for a long time… watched some Netflix… ate some food… hung out with my roommate for a while… and eventually went to the gym to get my “daily mile” in.

Some notes about Saturday night’s workout (and recent workouts in general):

– I’ve been working out at the nice little gym in the apartment complex near my apartment. I hope they never approach me asking for identification. I’ll keep chancing it because a mostly empty gym with large televisions and air conditioning is worth the risk!


– Last night I watched the 49ers/Packers game while running and walking. Generally when I run, I keep it at least at an incline of 1.0 and when I walk I keep it around an incline of 4.0. After running 2 miles and walking 4 miles, I moved onto a different machine.


– The bike was much closer to the action! It was as if the players were running right towards me after each touchdown (and there were quite a few for the 49ers woo!)


45 minutes on the bike… this was a good switch up because I feel like I’ve been living on the treadmill lately. On that note, I should start running outside more often (I know, I know, I always say that).


– All of my runs lately have been in my Brooks PureFlow shoes. At first, I preferred my Nike Free Runs, but the Brooks are officially my favorite shoe, even though they are still dirty from the New Year’s trail run. I’ve also really enjoyed taking advantage of my open schedule and doing double days at the gym. Might as well do it while I have the time, right?

brooks pureflow purple


After my workout, I put three loads of laundry into the washing machines and caught up on The Colbert Report & The Daily Show with Jon Stewart while eating cheese puffs. #healthyliving and productivity LOL. Weirdly enough, it was a perfect Saturday night.


I had to wait until midnight for my clothes to finally be dry… maybe I should plan that out a little better next time.


This morning I woke up and made an ugly strawberry/spinach/almond milk/ice smoothie


Then I cleaned up my room and got ready for the women’s basketball game. We got to wear our hair a bit differently for this game… curled… and with a side braid. How’s that for excitement? I got Subway on the way to the game. It’s becoming a bad addiction.

After the game, I grabbed a slice of pizza (yep, we get pizza after each game and I have avoided it up until two games ago… now it is my weakness) and walked around campus with dance friends for a while. One of my friends is a spring admit so this will technically be her first semester on campus; hence the campus tour to help her find classes.

Then we went to Starbucks for coffee and an hour long girl talk session.. and then to Which Wich. I got a black bean patty bowl and it was pretty good despite its ugliness. Some of my toppings were random- next time I’ll definitely leave out the pesto… not sure what I was thinking.

which wich black bean patty bowl

Then I looked at my class schedule for this semester, freaked out a bit, and took my nervous energy to the gym for my “daily mile.” I swear – this mile-a-day thing is working for me. I ran 4 miles, walked 2 miles, and then did some core work.

And now it’s 11:47. That might be my fastest post ever.

Let’s hope I can sleep tonight and don’t have a “first day of school” nightmare.

– Nicole