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Tuna Face, Trail, 60th Surprise

Posted by Lauren

Dang. What a weekend!!! I hope all of you had a fun one :)

On Friday night I attended a culinary competition in San Francisco hosted by Chef Elizabeth Falkner with celebrity chef coaches Amanda Freitag, Iron Chef Cat Cora, and Lee Ann Wong.


It was an innnnncredible event and I plan on writing a blog post all about it. Promise.

Afterwards, I met my cousin Aaron in the Financial District and we had a nice, oddly warm, walk to the Marina where we ate dinner at Zushi Puzzle (1910 Lombard Street).


The cooking show made me ragingly hungry, so I was 150% game to split three sushi rolls with Aaron. We ordered the following:

  • Billy Boy: spicy tuna and avocado inside, topped with tuna and wasabi sauce
  • Wasabi Tom: butterfish inside, topped with tuna, avocado, and mild spicy sauces
  • Romeo & Juliet: salmon and avocado, topped with scallop, spicy sauces, tobiko

Turns out Aaron’s taste buds do NOT agree with tuna. We did some guess and check experiments to pinpoint the culprit… when he ate just the tuna, this happened:


No worries, more sushi for me! After dinner in SF, Aaron dropped me off at the train and I choo-chooed down to Palo Alto. Celebrity chefs and quality cousin time – such a great night!

Saturday morning I did a few loads of laundry, completed a quick online training, washed my car, and then went for a run outside. Since I’ll be running a trail half marathon next weekend, I challenged myself to actually take on some diverse terrain. It felt great to get out into the sunshine at Quicksilver!


I quickly freshened up and drove to Morgan Hill to help prep for Sylvia’s 60th birthday party (she’s the mom of my high school bff Sarah). It was a SURPRISE party with a 1950s theme! Poodle skirts, pink ladies, leather jackets….


After assembling the remaining party favors and prepping some food with Melissa (the master planner and Sylvia’s daughter), I put on some appropriate 50s clothes and attempted a pin curl.


The food was so perfect – deviled eggs, pigs in a blanket, french fries, fruit kabobs, and cheeseburger sliders. I had a little bit of everything while we waited to surprise Sylvia.


I didn’t get a full shot of the living room, but HOLY MOLY, Melissa and friends transformed the space into a cool 50s diner, with high and low tables, checkerboard tablecloths, rock and roll signs, hanging records… I could go on! They had four signature drinks, each of which was named after the birthday girl.


3… 2… 1… SURPRISE!


Unfortunately I had to cut out early to make it to San Francisco by 9:00 PM, but from what I saw on Instagram, it looks like the rest of their night was really fun :)


More on the San Francisco escapades in my next post!!

Question: Has anyone ever thrown you a surprise party?


Lots of Exciting Stuff!

Posted by Nicole

A lot has happened since I last posted on Tuesday. I’ve been up to a lot of exciting stuff that doesn’t have to do with school. Recap time:

1. I’ve still been doing really well eating most of my meals at the sorority house. Kudos for saving grocery money!


2. Men’s basketball ALMOST beat University of Oregon (literally missed it by one basket). This would have been awesome because Oregon is ranked and we aren’t, buuuuut we lost :( Luckily, we beat Oregon State last night by one point!

IMG_7248 IMG_7249

3. My best friend from home, Cassie, goes to Pepperdine and she came to the game with a few of her friends. We spent the night out in Downtown because my friend’s brother was DJing. It was such a long night of dancing- from the basketball game at 8 pm and the club dancing until 2.


4. Three of the girls are DG’s at Pepperdine so I gave them the officially tour of our chapter’s house.



5. Friday was a pretty lazy day. LA weather has officially transitioned into “summer” weather… I’m loving it! Other highlights from the day were visiting 2 Chainz the puppy and eating junk food with Charlotte. Lesson learned- never get to extreme hunger because you will resort to 7-Eleven snacks. (Totally worth the stomach ache though)


6. On Saturday morning I hiked to the Hollywood sign with my friend Grant. I wanted to take photos, but I forgot to bring the memory card for my camera (blonde moment I guess). At least the iPhone has a dang nice camera.


7. Luckily I convinced two of my dance team friends to hike with me this morning! We hiked about 4 miles and the air was extremely clear. We could see Downtown, USC, Culver City, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice Beach etc. from the top of the hill. This time I remembered my memory card :) I already have shin splints and a bit of a sunburn. I think that means I got a good workout!

IMG_0251 IMG_0253 IMG_0254 IMG_0255 IMG_0256 IMG_7270 IMG_0263 IMG_0265 IMG_7266

8. I finally roasted the eggplant and broccoli that have been hanging out in my fridge for the past week. Nice and simple with garlic powder, minced onion, and a spice blend that I got for Christmas. I always forget how good roasted veggies are!


And now I’m watching the 49ers game with my roommate Allison. I’m publishing this with 1 minutes left in the game and it looks like the niners are gonna win!!!! Hello Super Bowl!

– Nicole