Daily Archive: January 21, 2013

Goodbye pub crawl and how to properly watch the 49er game

Posted by Lauren

When I walked in the office this morning, my coworker Joe said “You look tired.” In fact, he said the same thing last Monday. Either he’s messing with me or he knows that the past 56 hours were jam packed with fun times. I already wrote about Friday’s sushi dinner with my cousin in SF, Saturday’s training trail run, and Sylvia’s 60th surprise birthday party… here’s what happened NEXT:


Back to San Francisco for Megan’s moving away pub crawl. She finished law school this summer, passed the BAR the first time (rockstar), and then accepted a job at a law firm in Fresno. Her and her hubby (wedding recap here) officially moved out of their place in SF this weekend so a bunch of us rallied to hit the Polk Street bars with them one last time.


Megan surprised me with a Christmas gift that I carried with me from bar to bar – a frame with photos from her wedding! I propped it up on the bar and told strangers about the wedding. Great conversation starter!


We went to Tonic, Buccaneer, Bigfoot Lodge (loved it), and ultimately Mayes for some dancing…. the people there were SO obnoxious. I vow to never ever go there again. Plus, now the song “Big Booty Hoes” is stuck in my head. LOL


When Megan, Paul, and I left at 2 AM, food was on the mind (duh). However, all forces conspired against us:

  • Bob’s Donuts had 83 people in line
  • Escape from NY had just sold all their pizza slices
  • The last dirty dog (bacon wrapped hot dogs from a street cart) was sold to the person in front of us in line.

Defeated, I headed back to Krizia’s apartment where her and Harry shared an extra slice of pizza with me! SCORE. Thanks for getting me a slice guys!!


Sunday morning we woke up around 9 AM, made scrambled eggs with mushrooms, drank a lot of coffee, changed into our 49er gear, and walked to the Wreck Room to watch THE GAME.


The bar quickly filled up with 99.9% Niners fans. Packed bar = hot and sweaty for 4 hours!!! So worth it though. (p.s. I think I really look like curly-haired Nicole in the photo below; it’s tripping me out!)


Lots of silly photos and screaming and high fives and fist pumps and hugs!! Everyone was so nice and full of 49ers spirit! This is absolutely one of the best football games I’ve ever watched simply because of the atmosphere at Wreck Room.


When they clinched the W-I-N, the bartenders sprayed us with some liquids and everyone holldered and jumped up and down. I love this city.


Super Bowl, two weeks, get READY!!!!!!!!!!!!


Afterwards we went to Krizia’s apartment, hung out on the roof, and enjoyed the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge views (with a little flip cup as well). It was a day of cheap beer, pita chips, cheetos, apple fritters, and pizza… by the time I got home to Mountain View (~6:30 PM) I decided to go to the gym for some incline walking and lazy bicycle riding. That’s somewhat balanced, right? :)

Question: What was the highlight of your weekend? Will you be watching the Superbowl?