Daily Archive: January 24, 2013

This food means…

Posted by Lauren


This food means comfort, easiness, simplicity…


Monday: leftover semi-homemade soup from Sunday’s dinner: TJ’s Madras Lentil + TJ’s butternut squash soup + baked chicken
Tuesday: the Taco Tuesday salad I eat every week because we get Mexican food catered. I’m getting tired of this!!
Wednesday: beef chili + veggie minestrone from work cafeteria
Thursday: beef chili + chicken tortilla with a small cup of raisins an sunflower seeds (!!) again from the work cafeteria.


This food means celebration, indulgence, and relaxation (baking is so therapeutic for me)


Tuesday night: oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with a hint of salted caramel and flor di scala (citrus + vanilla)


Thursday night: coconut cupcakes with a Greek yogurt icing and toasted coconut….

Half a batch got a heavy dose of blueberries – coat them in flour so they don’t sink in the cupcake batter!


Brought them into work and they started to disappear before I had a chance to take a photo!



This food means early all-hands meetings and an opportunity to eat more of the glorious walnut raisin cream cheese I love so much.


Lots of changes at work this week across our entire company…. keeps things interesting!

¡La Fiesta!

This food means date night, discussions, spiciness…


Tuesday night was my first time dining at this Mountain View restaurant and I loved the atmosphere and service. Their chips + three salsa offerings were a delicious start. I chose something totally different than I usually do and was really happy with it:


3 salsa > 1 salsa


I love lamp. Those star lanterns to be exact.


All the unpictured junk food and sweets means I need to go for a run (or five!) and stop procrastinating with my New Year’s Resolutions. As in, I need to blog about them (honesty, accountability, encouragement, etc) and finish my new workout plan so I have some direction in that area of life.

Question: what are some of your favorite clean eating tips and tricks? Avoid baking? LOL