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This food means comfort, easiness, simplicity…

20130124 131938 This food means...

Monday: leftover semi-homemade soup from Sunday’s dinner: TJ’s Madras Lentil + TJ’s butternut squash soup + baked chicken
Tuesday: the Taco Tuesday salad I eat every week because we get Mexican food catered. I’m getting tired of this!!
Wednesday: beef chili + veggie minestrone from work cafeteria
Thursday: beef chili + chicken tortilla with a small cup of raisins an sunflower seeds (!!) again from the work cafeteria.


This food means celebration, indulgence, and relaxation (baking is so therapeutic for me)

20130124 132714 This food means...

Tuesday night: oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with a hint of salted caramel and flor di scala (citrus + vanilla)

20130124 132740 This food means...

Thursday night: coconut cupcakes with a Greek yogurt icing and toasted coconut….

Half a batch got a heavy dose of blueberries – coat them in flour so they don’t sink in the cupcake batter!

20130124 132822 This food means...

Brought them into work and they started to disappear before I had a chance to take a photo!

20130124 134709 This food means...


This food means early all-hands meetings and an opportunity to eat more of the glorious walnut raisin cream cheese I love so much.

20130124 134717 This food means...

Lots of changes at work this week across our entire company…. keeps things interesting!

¡La Fiesta!

This food means date night, discussions, spiciness…

20130124 140247 This food means...

Tuesday night was my first time dining at this Mountain View restaurant and I loved the atmosphere and service. Their chips + three salsa offerings were a delicious start. I chose something totally different than I usually do and was really happy with it:

20130124 140302 This food means...

3 salsa > 1 salsa

20130124 140524 This food means...

I love lamp. Those star lanterns to be exact.

20130124 140602 This food means...

All the unpictured junk food and sweets means I need to go for a run (or five!) and stop procrastinating with my New Year’s Resolutions. As in, I need to blog about them (honesty, accountability, encouragement, etc) and finish my new workout plan so I have some direction in that area of life.

Question: what are some of your favorite clean eating tips and tricks? Avoid baking? LOL



4 Responses to This food means…

  1. It annoys me SO much when I’m baking with blueberries and they sink down to the bottom of the bowl–now I know! Thanks for the tip!

    Eating well and staying on track is difficult, but I always try to balance it out and make healthy choices when I have the time. In other words, when I have my entire Sunday morning open for a workout, I try not to skip it so that I don’t have to exercise at 4:30am on a Wednesday when I have a full day of babysitting, interning, and school. Same thing for food–I try to avoid aimlessly eating the store-bought cookies at the office so that if a friend randomly stops by with a homemade cupcake, I don’t feel guilty for indulging. (Not sure if that all made sense–but hopefully you know what I mean!)
    Colleen @ Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill recently posted..Icing My Face with Frozen Mango ChunksMy Profile

    • Sugar Coated Sisters says:

      Thanks for the tips! So much of it IS BALANCE and taking advantage of the time when you get to exercise or eat healthy. So that way the homemade goods and no-time-for-the-gym moments don’t become overwhelming. I’ll keep that in mind.

  2. Nicole your sis says:

    Did you say…… Icing?! But those aren’t donuts. Do not enter the dark side!!!!
    Nicole your sis recently posted..Gawking at Celebrity ChefsMy Profile

    • Sugar Coated Sisters says:

      I said it correctly. They weren’t frosted, they were iced. Like the maple penuche icing…. But greek yogurt version!

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